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The great thing about this kind of party, particularly for the ladies perhaps, is that it has none of the pressure of an on-line date.

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It’s a particularly warm late January afternoon as I pop in to see gorgeous Bethany at Goat Chelsea to collect the canapés they’ve made for our Gallery Party at the Cadogan tonight. I carve up Bethany’s gym plans by suggesting a quick ‘glass of confidence’ (“Hey why not? It’ll make me train harder”. Good girl!) So, feeling confidential, we compare notes on our complex love lives before, armed with boxes of fine goodies, I grab a cab to the Cadogan Gallery, where I’m greeted by the divine Lucasta, who is excited about their current exhibition and takes me through the artists we will be viewing as a backdrop to tonight’s event. I really love the style of the artists Cadogan Contemporary represent; they are pieces you could put on a wall of your home and every time you move, that piece takes on a different character, almost changing slightly as you do.

Next to arrive is our delightful friend David, who has just launched Angioletti, the first Italian craft cider in the UK. When I first met him I knew immediately that Angioletti was perfect for RDV. Cider made just down the road from Prosecco and with flavours like Blueberry… Trend alert: this is seriously swanky low alcohol fizz.

Just after David arrives, Denise from Berrywhite appears with sacks of organic sparkling cans of on-trend flavoured drinks. I do a bit of experimenting with our barman Ben: one part vodka, one part Blueberry Cider, one part Cranberry & Guava Berrywhite ….and yes, a splash of lemon and ginger Berrywhite for a bit of edge! Our cocktails are ready.

As guests arrive they are armed with a glass of tantalisingly-flavoured confidence. And a name badge. Seriously. When we’re introduced to someone new most of us forget their name immediately. Fact. So relax; badges smooth the flow.

And the flow is lovely tonight with a great mix of people. About a quarter are current Rendezvous regulars, maybe half are new and the balance made up by people who have been before and are back for more: more new friends and maybe a date or two.

The great thing about this kind of party, particularly for the ladies perhaps, is that it has none of the pressure of an on-line date. You’re not stuck on your own with someone who probably won’t match your expectations. You can treat it as a glamorous networking party where you can work the room (or let it work you!) and have fun meeting lots of great new people. Chances are you’ll get asked out on a date or three and even if you’re not sure which one is right, you can have fun working it out and in the meantime you’ve had a great morale booster. Like all the best clubs, RDV has lots of different flavours, so you can suck ’em and see. You never know which ones will end up tickling your taste buds…

And at the gallery last night there was so much taste-matching going on that by the end the windows were steaming up! Such a great atmosphere. You’d never believe there were so many singles that had never met before. Thank you. We aim to please.

By Barbara Brudenell-Bruce, Managing Director Maclynn8 & Rendezvous

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Barbara represents Maclynn in Monaco & London, and in 2014 launched Maclynn8, an invite-only private members networking club for the world’s most exceptional people. She pairs her incredible list of contacts with an intuitive sense of compatibility and environment, channelling the elusive magic ingredient that brings people together. ,


| 3 min read

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Barbara Brudenell Bruce

Barbara’s career has been defined by a series of successful, iconic start-ups within telecoms, entertainment and fashion; among them, the creation of a London club that defined a whole generation: Fabric. After its sale in 2003, she launched Spoylt on both sides of the Atlantic with a New York and London state of mind. It combined both a delectable collection of lingerie with an enviable list of A-list celebrity clientele. Her network boasts an impressive black book of entrepreneurs, celebrities and aristocrats. Barbara leads Investor Relations for a London-based consultancy, raising capital for entrepreneurs. Alongside financial matchmaking, she owns and runs Rendezvous – social events for +40s. Barbara’s innate sense of what it takes to fit people together, alongside an intuitive sense of compatibility, makes her a social anchor for all who know her.

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