How we work

Maclynn’s winning formula comprises three components: Psychological expertise, an exclusive global network of highly sought-after singles and an authentic and compassionate team.


Our Private Membership service has been designed with you front-of-mind. Your matchmaker will embark on a journey to find your dream match with the level of dedication you’d ordinarily expect only of a lifelong friend.

Leaving no stone unturned, we will search relentlessly but discreetly. Because we believe your dream match is out there—even if you’ve started to feel disheartened yourself.

Tapping into our network of thousands of exceptional singles, your matchmaker will home in on every detail, then handpick only the best matches. And of course, only you have the final say on who you meet.

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Maclynn 5-Step Matchmaking Methodology

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    Know Yourself

    We need to understand your unique core principles and beliefs before we start envisaging the person who could be your life partner.

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    Define Your Ideal Match

    Opposites attract—but only up to a point. Your ultimate match will have deeply held values that match yours, share your outlook on life, and just 'get' you like no one ever has before. They will live and breathe life just as you do.

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    Visualize The Relationship

    Building a relationship that stands the test of time is about so much more than the person. Consider goals, roles, location. Your life's cogs must align with theirs. That's why we will attend to the minutiae of any potential match's character and lifestyle, ensuring you don’t meet someone who captivates you but is actually unavailable, either emotionally or geographically.

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    Create a Plan and Put it in Motion

    Have you thrown yourself into dating and been left wondering why it isn’t working? The missing link might be a solid plan, and the knowledge required to execute it. Our experts and matchmakers will not only create a strategy bespoke to your needs and personality, but they'll deliver it as well. You'll barely need to give it a second thought.

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    Date Mindfully, with Meaning and Purpose

    Dating shouldn't feel like a numbers game. Every interaction should be considered with the attention it deserves, with each introduction taking you closer to finding your ultimate match.

Psychology-based expertise

Most of our team have studied psychology to undergraduate, Master’s or even PhD level. Their expertise and insights are unparalleled in the industry. That’s how we can bring our clients only the most amazing matches, time and again.

And what’s more, each of our wonderful matchmakers has the warmth and charisma to guide you seamlessly along your journey. Say goodbye to chaos.

A global network of singles


When you embark on your search for the perfect match, it’s natural to orient yourself toward who you know, and who they know. After all, personal introductions are the best!

It’s not all that different at Maclynn. Our introductions are still made personally—our ‘friendship group’ just happens to encompass nearly 20,000 remarkable singles across the globe!

Our team

Searching for your dream partner is a big deal. That’s why our team don’t just know their stuff, but why we hire them specifically for their compassion and authenticity, too. We will welcome you with kindness and sincerity.

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Not seeking a personalised matchmaking service? Perhaps all you're after right now is a bit of advice, encouragement and direction. Great! Our coaching and consultancy services would be perfect for you. Our experts will empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to navigate dating successfully on your own.

Award-Winning Matchmaking

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