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John from Switzerland

My client joined in 2012. He lives in Switzerland and is a successful entrepreneur with global businesses. He was 43 at the time, divorced with 2 children and tired of meeting women who turned into Golddiggers. His aim was to meet someone beautiful inside and out, with flexibility to travel, who was ready for a life partnership and financially independent.

I spent 2 weeks conducting an initial search for profiles and we sat together and discussed a selection of profiles, so I could understand more deeply what appealed to him and vice versa. Together we identified one profile that seemed to be a particularly good match. I profiled her in more detail (by Skype because she was living in France). They met, fell in love and 18 months later got married in France. They are all now living together in London. He was matched successfully with just one introduction.

– Rachel

'I knew Leila would find me someone. She seems to know everyone in London, so it didn’t take long! Matchmaking for Leila is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. It shines through and I am glad to be at the receiving end of her magic!'


'After losing my husband, I never thought I would be able to fall in love again. My matchmaker reassured me that there can be multiple soul mates for people and that I would once again feel the love I felt before. I started the process slowly and ended up meeting someone after five months. I am currently enjoying every minute of getting to know him and feeling in love again.'


'Rachel, I just wanted to drop you a note and say how fantastic Joanna is for you. All too often people do not get the recognition and she is nothing less that a super star. Joanna always gives great feedback and is so very supportive with her guidance and advice. For me I would recommend Maclynn alone, just so people have Jo manage their hopes and dreams.'


Mike from Stockholm

My client is Scandinavian and introduced to Maclynn by recommendation from someone who heard about our strong reputation. He is 43 with an international business. After 2 long term relationships he was looking for a true life partner. He always stressed that he does not suit mainstream women, the more “normal” she is the less they would have in common (in his own words).

His preference was to meet someone strong yet feminine, independent and proactive in all aspects of her life; someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and not afraid to speak her mind, someone adaptable, open minded and with flexibility to travel that matches his. We had regular Skype chats while he was travelling, plus a few face to face meetings, so I got to know him really well and subsequently developed a clear idea about who his perfect match would be. Two months after I started working with him, I met his ideal match. I introduced them in early 2016 and in August they met each other’s families!

– Joanna

'I have been a member of Maclynn for 6 months. I enjoy Rachel’s personal approach and willingness to pop out of the office, so we can have regular catch ups. The whole team is wonderful and it is so apparent that they genuinely love matchmaking! I am very happy and the introductions so far have all been very impressive!'


'I was 45 when I met my husband at my first Maclynn event just under 3 years ago. Recently single then, I rarely went anywhere without either my sister or a friend in tow. I’m so grateful to Maclynn for encouraging to come to their singles’ event alone.. as it was there that I met my now husband!

In May this year (2019), we were married in Central London after two and a half years of dating and he proposed almost a year after our first date on Christmas Day. He’s everything I wished for: warm, kind, intelligent, handsome and makes me howl with laughter like no other. Despite being in my forties, with many long term relationships behind me, I’d always believed that if you put yourself out there, remain optimistic and open, anything is possible!'


'Karen has been a wonderful guide throughout my experience, a very good, emotionally intelligent listener who fully understands my personality, background and aspirations. I always felt in very good hands, supported on a human standpoint and lead properly on the journey. Karen has helped me to create the perfect emotional environment first, then introduced me to many great people who fit my profile, and has always been there for me with a great smile and wonderful suggestions to support me throughout my experience.

Karen is smart, flexible, passionate and positive and I would recommend her to anyone interested in this journey'


Ben from London

My client joined in March 2015. He is gay and was 38 years old and a successful business owner for the past 10 years. Although he was English, he had travelled throughout his life and his siblings lived in different cities. He owned a property in London, but also in Germany. My client signed up with Maclynn because he had enough of Grindr and networking to try to find love. He had a mix of gay and straight friends and liked spending evenings at friends’ dinner parties, not in Soho at a gay bar. When we met he said he was tired of meeting men that were perfect in every way but simply not looking for a relationship, so it never progressed. His focus was someone genuine, after him for him and not his money.

I introduced him to a gentleman who was 42, he worked for a global company but had only been living in London for 5 years. He was originally from the Middle East but his family moved over during his teens. He was out to all of his family, and wanted to settle down like his siblings. I introduced the two of them in September 2015 and they are still together, discussing moving in!

– Rachel


'As a CEO and Entrepreneur I value incredible experiences more than just time out. I like to mix with people who stimulate great conversations and who can have fun. Yesterday’s amazing event at Anjuna was a fun experience; great people and great venue. Priceless for a busy exec!'


'Barbara I loved the evening. Just to add that your events have enriched my life, if that is the right word that best describes meeting so many smart and attractive people who attend your events .'


Martha from London

In 2012 I took on a client who I instantly connected with. She was a lawyer in the City and she had everything going for her – attractive, intelligent, well-travelled, funny and with a heart of gold. Her reason for coming to Maclynn was one I had heard time and time again – she was simply too busy to trawl through dating websites. A couple of months later I introduced her to a guy who shared many of the same core values. He also worked in the City and whilst he worked very hard, his long-term aim was to get married and raise a healthy and happy family. They are getting married in 2017!

– Rachel

'Some greater force brought us together when we would never have found each other otherwise. That greater force is Karen. And I am deeply grateful to her for making my life a happy one again!'


'Frankie has been fantastic throughout. I have felt in the best hands. Thank you for choosing her for me. She gives great advice, really knows what she is doing, has a calm confidence about her skills, and cares about me.'


'Leila is much more than just a matchmaker. She’s my full-time wing woman! For years I’ve been seeking a solution to meet like-minded men without having to resort to gay bars, which is simply not my scene. Leila’s black book is really rather special.'


Malik from Dubai

My client joined Maclynn in 2016 after losing his long-term partner to an illness. He was in his mid-50s and spent his time between London, Dubai and New York. As an international businessman he wanted to meet someone with the same international mindset. He had already been married and had three grown children, but wanted to find someone he could build a future with. Someone warm and caring who has strong family values, an adventurous spirit and an inquisitive mind. He felt quite nervous about dating but I assured him that we could move at a pace he felt comfortable with.

He has now been dating a lovely lady for 3 months. She was his second introduction. She’s based in London full time now but has lived in multiple countries across three continents, so is very multicultural and understanding of my clients travel. She has also been married and has a teenage son. They’ve had a few weekends away and are booking their first holiday together for later this year. It’s early days but the signs are positive and my client can’t believe he’s able to feel such strong emotions for someone again.

– Mia

old couple

'This process was fun, and here I am now with my partner and great memories to cherish forever.'


'Myself and XX got married in December in Australia. Was extremely romantic, just the two of us and we have been travelling since. I can only thank you guys for the introduction to such an amazing lady. I’d like to thank you for your services once more. You can mark this down as another Maclynn success for sure.'


Sam from Berlin

My client Sam is a passionate and driven entrepreneur from New York. After reaching a high level of success at a young age he entered a new chapter of his life, relocating to Berlin as he turned 35.  Sam was ready to concentrate on new projects and wanted to prioritise finding someone special to share his journey with. He spent a lot of time travelling across Europe so was open to meeting ladies anywhere across the continent.


We embarked on the journey together in 2018 and he was looking for someone exceptional, someone who shows: integrity (honesty, being the same on the inside and the outside), tranquillity (to keep him calm and grounded) and also demonstrates brilliance in an aspect of their life.  We introduced him to a number of ladies who demonstrated the qualities he was looking for however there was something different when we introduced him to the beautiful Nicole during the summer 2018. She too was a successful entrepreneur and had already built a successful online business before she turned 30. They met for the first time in London and both felt an instant connection.  They met a couple more times in London and Berlin before deciding to go to Lake Como in Italy for a week to get to know one another better. They had a wonderful and romantic trip and both felt a deep connection after this.  Both of them having digital nomadic lifestyles meant they could easily split their time across London and Berlin whilst they continued to grow their relationship.

– Lynsey


'I couldn’t feel any better or more excited about everything. We’re already talking about relocating. Thank you for making this happen.'


'I feel so lucky and happy to have you part of my life. I can’t believe that in the last 24 months you introduced me to the man of my dreams and I’m now holding a baby!'


Sue from Zurich

Sue was seeking a matchmaking agency with a particularly strong international presence and network, which is why she joined Maclynn. She was 44 and was very much at a crossroads in her life when she approached us. She had a successful career as a HR Consultant in Zurich within finance and felt it was the right time to start prioritising other areas of her life. A keen philanthropist, she joined the Peace Corps as a volunteer on a 24-month contract in Senegal, but also wanted to use this time to find love. As her plan was to return to Europe eventually, she ideally wanted to meet someone in Switzerland or Western/Central Europe. She was open to video dating and to traveling to meet someone she had a strong connection with, and with that positive attitude, I was very happy to work with her. Am delighted to report, she is now married to a wonderful Swiss gentleman! After a few video dates they travelled to meet each other, they had a long-distance relationship for about a year and fell madly in love.

– Joanna

'Felicity has been a great matchmaker, friendly and supportive. She is positive and patient and has made me a better person. Thank you for everything you’ve done.'


'Thank you for your efforts so far. I am certain that you will get me into a relationship quickly. You have made me a more confident happier person and for the first time in years I am excited about dating again.'


James from Geneva

My client James joined Maclynn in Spring 2019. He is an international, successful and intelligent gentleman living in Switzerland. He was 38 and was looking for a woman beautiful both inside and out; someone family orientated, creative, caring, with a positive disposition – he didn’t believe this person existed and I was determined to prove him wrong.

Through his profiling and regular contact I got to know him in great depth, and we developed a clear understanding of what his ideal match could look like. Together, we identified one profile that seemed to be a great match. Keen to get to know each other, they had their first date over video call and immediately connected. With busy schedules, their ability to travel to each other wasn’t a possibility initially, so they got got creative with their video calls by watching movies together in unison, trying online cookery classes and also sent each other postal letters.  As soon as they were both available, James went to Belgium to meet Ann in person, they have been crazy about each other ever since.

Not only did we help James to find the woman of his dreams, James stated he was the happiest he has ever been and that his journey with Maclynn helped him to become a more confident and happier person.

– Frankie

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