What to Wear on a First Date?

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What you wear to your first date plays a major role in others first impressions of you. But we are here to take away the stress of deciding what to wear with some style tips for a first date from personal stylist Deni kiro.

With the end of lockdown, the dating world is coming back to life and feeling confident to go out there will be key. We know that for many, first-dates can be a little nerve-racking and trying to figure out how to make a good first impression can be challenging. But I am here to take away the stress of deciding what to wear with some style tips for a first date.

Know Your Style Personality  

Start with understating what your style personality is and what sort of image you want to portray on your date. It’s important that the clothes you wear make you feel like the best version of yourself. To express yourself with clothes, think what style you want to portray, whether it’s modern, romantic, classic or creative.  

“If you want to appear modern on your first date, I advise to go for a sleek minimalistic look. For an effortless look, mix & match structured tailoring with a soft jumper. Tonal dressing is a great idea for petite ladies, to elongate the silhouette. Dress head-to-toe in one colour and pick wide-leg high-waisted trousers styled with block heels to make your legs appear extra long.

Sarah styled by Deni Kiro, photo Lehel Kelemen

When I consult clients on discovering or elevating their style personality, I always consider the client’s natural energy – for example, if you have a girly or lady-like natural energy, I recommend choosing clothes that bring opposing contrast such as minimalist or contemporary style. Remember that fashion is a tool and it has an influence on both the wearer and the observer. It’s all about creating the right first impression that reflects your true self and style.

Dress For Your Body Shape & Complexion  

When getting ready for a first date it’s important to consider what fit suits your body shape and what colours flatter your skin complexion. Start by answering the question “Which parts of your body do you love the most? Is it your legs, waist or neckline?” Decide on which part of your body makes you feel confident and select pieces that accentuate it. 

“Avoid oversized clothes or too-tight pieces and instead opt for that one piece that fits you immaculately. Using a tailor to alter the length of your trousers and waist will take your look from good to great.

Client styled by Deni Kiro, photo Nina Dique

When deciding on colours, think about the shades that make your face shine. Picking the right shades for you is important as it can help brighten up your face, whereas the wrong colours may bring darkness to your face and make you look tired. A quick test to check if a colour suits you is to look in the mirror and check if people first notice your face or the colour is too strong and overpowers your features.”

Dress For The Date Venue  

An important aspect of a first date is the venue you will be going before your date, it’s important to always check the venue location online to pick your outfit accordingly. My advice is to check the venue on Instagram and coordinate your outfit with the environment to avoid looking overdressed or underdressed.

“For a dressy dinner, pick intricate fabrics and smart cuts. If you want to come across creative, opt for intricate prints and play with colours. Nothing beats a killer dress in feminine print and elegant heels. Everyone looks more elegant in heels and finding a comfortable pair is important so you feel relaxed on your first date. I recommend exploring heeled boots as they offer more support in comparison to the stilettoes.

Sarah styled by Deni Kiro, photo Lehel Kelemen

Transforming Your Work Look to Your Date Look  

For those who need to go from work to their date, we have just the right tips for you. You can transform your work look into a dating look for the evening with a few key elements. If your workwear is more formal it can be softened by switching your trousers for smart jeans and chandelier earrings. Adding a few statement accessories or changing your shoes is also a great way of transitioning your workwear to your date wear.

To make an impactful impression opt for original colours and statement details and show some personality through your look on your first date.

Natalia styled by Deni Kiro

For more casual dates like a lunch or a walk around town, I’d suggest going for well-fitted staples and add an accent accessory which could be an interesting scarf, pair of shoes, or a bag. Regardless of what you decide to wear, make sure you feel comfortable because it will help you feel more confident.  

Essentially, when choosing your first date outfit focus on selecting the right fit, quality fabrics, and interesting accessories. Find the right balance in your look, whether it’s a smart-casual mix & match or a minimalistic look with a colour accent, it’s important to reflect on your natural self.

If you are interested in booking a personal styling consultation to get ready for your first date you can do so by visiting www.denikiro.com.  You can book a “define my style” online consultation to evaluate your style personality or get styled in-store or online from any part of the world. For those who are looking for a complete wardrobe revamp we also do style makeovers. Book yourself in November 2021 and get an exclusive 10% discount with code ‘VIDA10’ at the checkout.

For more style tips, follow our instagram @denikirostyle or watch our YouTube video where we share more tips on getting ready for your first dat.

| 5 min read

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Deni Kiro has been working as a personal stylist & image consultant for the last 9 years with clients of all different backgrounds. It was at the University of The Arts London where she received her formal design education. After graduating with a first-class honours degree in Art & Design and working on a number of successful positions at renowned fashion companies, she has built her solid understanding of fashion and styling working her way up from stylist to creative director. She believes that everyone has their own style and her job as a stylist is to turn up the volume.

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