Best Restaurants for a First Date in London

As an international matchmaking agency, we’re always looking for restaurants and fine dining spaces where we can recommend our clients to visit.

We have handpicked 30 of our favourite restaurants that we believe offer the ultimate dining experience.

1. Clos Maggiore – Covent Garden

Maclynn says:

“A renowned favourite of ours, and arguably, the most romantic venue in the heart of London”.

Clos Maggiore is stunning, everything about the design bursts with romance and flawless tranquil delight. From the ceiling made from a canopy of blossoming flowers to the elegantly minimal dining arrangement, everything at Clos Maggiore has been specifically designed with melancholy in mind.

The menu reflects Clos Maggiore’s stunning scenery, we personally recommend the Hand Picked Dorset Crab Remoulade & Smoked Salmon Roulade to start, followed by the Oven Roasted South Coast Wild Turbot. The turbot is light, fresh and paired with a glass of Malagousia, 2014, it’s the perfect aphrodisiac.

And don’t get us started on the choices for desert. Among the exquisite options, including the Exotic Baked Natural Greek Yogurt Cheesecake and the Irish Baileys Parfait, Piedmont Hazelnut Sponge, we decided to conclude our meal with the Clos Maggiore Caramelised Valrhona Chocolate Sensation, complimented by a burnt honey ice cream paired with armagnac jelly.

This is one of the finest dining experiences in London, and has been rated the world’s most romantic restaurant. This, is a must, if you can book in.

Clos Maggiore

Image courtesy of Clos Maggiore

2. Andrew Edmunds – Soho

Andrew Edmunds

Image courtesy of Andrew Edmunds

Maclynn says:

“A quaint, charming restaurant with exceptional waiting staff and a humble atmosphere”.

Opening in 1986, Andrew Edmunds has long been considered one of the last bastions of ‘Old Soho’. A much-loved and iconic restaurant wrapped in the arms of an 18th-century townhouse, Andrew Edmunds does not shy away from its historic roots. Known for its relaxed, charming atmosphere and famous wine list, Andrew Edmunds remains one of the last remaining gems of London’s fine dining scene.

3. Balthazar – Covent Garden

balthazar london date restaurantMaclynn says:

“Originating in New York in 1997, Balthazar made its way to London in 2013 and brought with it their exquisite Franglais menu. Their cocktails are also created by the phenomenal Brian Silva”.

New York meets Paris when it comes to Balthazar’s design and atmosphere. Known for their exceptional French cuisine served throughout the day, and with their iconic Boulangerie next door serving homemade breads and pastries, there’s a little something for everyone. Balthazar also offers a private dining option with its own private entrance, bar, lounge and a 60-seat capacity.

4. Kitty Fisher’s – Mayfair

Kitty Fisher's date restaurant

Image courtesy of Kitty Fisher’s

Maclynn says:

“Pure romance, dim lighting for a truly warm and inviting date experience”.

Kitty Fisher’s politely nestles itself in Shepherd Market and has long been considered one of Mayfair’s iconic dining areas. Aside from their muted and delicate design, Kitty Fisher’s is probably best known for its Galician beef, however, if you’re looking for something lighter, or vegetarian, their beterror and Dorstone goat’s cheese with walnut ketchup is equally as impressive.

You may have also heard about Kitty Fisher’s iconic pink booth tables located downstairs, which we firmly believe is one of the best and most intimate dining experiences for dating.

5. Park Chinois – Mayfair

Park Chinois date restaurant

Image courtesy of Park Chinois

Maclynn says:

“A step back to 30s Shanghai, coupled with probably the best dim sum in London”.

Another dining gem of Mayfair situates itself on Berkeley Street, and arguably offer one of the best Chinese dining experiences in London. The setting takes inspiration from 1930s Shanghai with its retro red lamps, low-lighting and prominent velvet design. The dim sum is their signature dish and we recommend pairing this with a Note de Passion cocktail, especially if you’re looking to strike a romantic chord.

However, the most romantic feature of Park Chinois lies with the ambience set by the evening pianist, who beautifully sets the scene for the entirety of the evening.

6. The Palomar – Soho

The Palomar date restaurant

Image courtesy of The Palomar

Maclynn says:

“Middle-eastern cuisine prepared for sharing, perfect for first dates”.

The Palomar is slightly different to your traditional dating scene, in that it’s small, quaint and above all else, designed for intimacy. Located in the heart of Soho, surrounded by theatres and evening entertainment, this little restaurant has a big heart and takes its menu inspiration from modern-day Jerusalem. As stated on their website, their menu is also influenced by the rich cultures of Southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant.

The restaurant is separated into two dining areas, a 40-seat cover space and their glistening 16-seat zinc kitchen bar that overlooks the masterful chefs at work.

The Palomar also specialises in sharing dishes, allowing for an intimate and inviting date setting. There are no starters, or mains here and food is served when it’s ready, so everything is fresh, hot and bursting with flavour.

So, if you’re looking for an intimate setting coupled with exquisite Jerusalem-inspired dining, The Palomar should be top of your list.

7. Arthur Hoopers – London Bridge

Arthur Hoopers date restaurant

Image courtesy of Arthur Hoopers

Maclynn says:

“Best for brunch on London Bridge, a social atmosphere with an ever-changing wine list and beautifully presented food”.

Located a stone’s throw away from London Bridge, Arthur Hooper’s specialises in small plate wining and dining. Their menu takes inspiration from around Europe and ingredients sourced from local, nearby market suppliers, including Neal’s Yard, Cannon & Cannon and Bread Ahead. The menu is small, simple and elegant, and they also offer a wide selection of vegetarian options.

This focus on locally-sourced ingredients is one of the main reasons visitors flock to Arthur Hooper’s. It’s scenery is also perfect for first dates, and we personally recommend their breakfast and brunch options, especially if the weather is nice on the river.

8. In Vino Veritas – Walthamstow Village

Maclynn says:

“In Vino Veritas is quaint, local and unashamedly simple. A gem of a restaurant with a humble and inviting atmosphere”.

We’d be lying if we said we mistook this restaurant for a cute little wine shop. However, come 7pm, In Vino Veritas turned from a wine shop into the most popular restaurant in Walthamstow. With no bookings accepted, it’s simply a case of turning up and praying for a table.

It’s candlelit, wooden setting is complemented by its simple menu: wine, cheese and bread. If you’re looking for a combination between a creperie and a charcuterie emporium, In Vino Veritas needs to be at the top of your list.

In Vino Veritas hides itself well, and while it may not be as glamorous as the likes of Duck and Waffle and Bob Bob Ricard, it’s the humble, intimate atmosphere and perfectly balanced menu that propels it to the top of London’s quaint dining spaces.

9. Spring – Covent Garden

Spring date restaurant

Image courtesy of Spring

Maclynn says:

Elegant and beautifully lit. The fresh and inviting atmosphere is what separates Spring from its contemporaries”.

As their name suggests, Spring’s setting is a fresh collaboration of scintillating whites, teak-coloured leather chairs and beautiful lighting. Everything here feels crisp, eccentric and unashamedly romantic.

Former Michelin star winner Chef Skye Gyngell provides a menu that compliments Spring’s exceptional setting, consisting of fresh, spring-inspired foods. We personally recommend the London Cure smoked salmon with blood orange, fennel, bitter leaves, verjus dressing, followed by the Gnudi with roasted onion squash, ricotta salata, orange, and bay.

Each item on the menu is crafted to perfection and we strongly recommend booking a window table, so you can enjoy the full experience Spring has to offer.

10. Ristorante Frescobaldi – Mayfair

Maclynn says:

“An escape to Italy’s Tuscany. Everything from the scenery to the food is stripped ripe from Italy”.

Following from the theme of Spring, Ristorante Frescobaldi brings Italy to Mayfair. The decor of Ristorante Frescobaldi is lined with murals, the ceiling bursts with ivy and vines and there are some notable Italian icons painted throughout the interior.

One of their main attractions is their claim that the wines they serve were also served to the likes of Renaissance visionaries and Popes. If it’s romance you’re looking for, we’d highly recommend dining at Ristorante Frescobaldi, because what’s more romantic than dining in 15th-century Tuscany?

11. Quo Vadis – Soho

Quo Vadis date restaurant

Image courtesy of Quo Vadis

Maclynn says:

“Alongside the incredible history of the building, Quo Vadis is cosy, comforting and thoroughly British”.

The name is the first thing to excite and intrigue, Quo Vadis roughly translates to “where are you going?” apt for those who commonly struggle for a place to take their date. Located on Dean Street in the very same building the infamous Karl Marx wrote his magnum opus Das Kapital. However, Quo Vadis does not delight in German cuisine, instead, it offers a menu that is proudly British.

Run by the Hart brothers (known for the renowned El Pastor and Barrafina), the menu consists of classic British dishes, including Pie & Mash of the day, Peppered Venison & Bitter Leaves alongside some delectable starters such as Pumpkin Soup with Chilli & Parsley Oil.

This is a restaurant that’s incredibly unique, and its ambiguous exclusivity makes it all the more intriguing, and a great conversation-starter for a first date.

12. Hutong – The Shard

Hutong date restaurant

Image courtesy of Hutong

Maclynn says:

“Hutong separates itself from other high rise dining experiences with its ultimately intimate setting and traditional Chinese cuisine”.

Dining anywhere high up where you can view London in all its profound glory strikes a big tick in our boxes, and Hutong floats gleefully at the top of our romance location list. It goes without saying that the views from the Shard are exceptional, but couple that with the best Peking duck in London and you’ll do well to find a more romantic setting.

The menu itself consists of traditional Chinese cuisine, and we personally recommend the crispy prawn rolls and Iberico pork dumplings – masterfully crafted by Head Chef, Sifu Fei Wang.

One of the main talking points that separate Hutong from other high rise dining spaces is the intimacy it offers. Window tables are for two only and aren’t placed next to each other, in fact, not even waiters will walk past you.

Having the option to spend an entire meal and evening with nothing but each other’s company is a delight for many and certainly accentuates the intimate atmosphere.

13. Gaucho Piccadilly – Mayfair

Gaucho date restaurant

Image courtesy of Gaucho

Maclynn says:

“An exceptional restaurant-bar with several eclectic spaces for wining and dining”.

Starting with one of my favourite restaurants in London, Gaucho Piccadilly merges some of the finest cuisine from Argentina to create a truly authentic dining experience. Gaucho Piccadilly has made a name for itself as being one of the most revered stake-and-date restaurants across London, known primarily for taking inspiration from infamous cowboys from the pampas plains.

The menu is simple, yet elegant, consisting of a few fine steak and a la carte options and an exceptional wine list – we recommend the Colome ‘Terrino De Gran Altura.

The service mirrors the menu, exceptional attention to detail and a deep understanding of the cooking process means they’re able to offer their expert advice on the beast steak combinations. Alongside their exquisite knowledge of fine dining, Gaucho’s interior design plays host to a number of eclectic spaces, each with their own unique design elements. From casual Sunday brunch spaces to sophisticated business areas, Gaucho excels on every front.

14. Aqua Shard – The Shard

Aqua Shard date restaurant

Image courtesy of Aqua Shard

Maclynn says:

“For such a popular place, Aqua Shard does well to keep things intimate, and the 360 views are simply magnificent”.

We find it difficult to not include at least a few restaurants hidden within London’s Shard, and Aqua Shard is another that makes the cut. One of the most jaw-dropping features Aqua has to offer is, of course, the views. A 360-degree view across London from a high-rise is a marvel in itself, but pair this with a delightful menu and an intimate setting, and your date will be swooning.

Let’s talk about the menu, because can’t talk about Aqua Shard without mentioning the 42-day dry aged Hereford beef with glazed and whipped Secrets Farm heritage carrots and parsley oil.

While Aqua Shard can get busier during peak times, the ambience of the restaurant is quiet and quaint, perfect for intimacy.

15. Hakkasan Mayfair – Mayfair

Hakkasan date rstaurant

Image courtesy of Hakkasan Mayfair

Maclynn says:

“Suave, electric and utterly cool. Hakkasan is the definition of postmodern bourgeois”.

Hakkasan Mayfair separates itself from more traditionally romantic restaurants in London with its electric atmosphere and lively staff. Design and appearance is charmingly demonstrated by the staff, who style matching blue dresses. The interior is a mix of coolly low-lit steel blues, and is accentuated by the equally suave cocktail menu.

We would advise being slightly more daring in your cocktail choice because there are some interesting concoctions at Hakkasan. We personally recommend trying the ambiguous Chifa-san, infused with Barsol Torontel Pisco, yuzu sake, kaffir lime, ginger and lemongrass cordial. Part of the fun is not knowing some of the flavours and ingredients, so be bold and be daring. The menu includes an a la carte option, a dim sum lunch and the Taste of Hakkan. We were particularly impressed by the prawn and silver cod crispy red rice Cheung fun, expertly crafted by Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee. Their award-winning wine is also something you may want to consider…

Simply put, it would be unwise to visit Hakkasan Mayfair just for the exceptional menu when the wine list and cocktails are equally as impressive.

16. Bob Bob Ricard – Soho

Maclynn says:

“Unashamedly glam and ferociously vibrant, Bob Bob Ricard is the Orient Express of modern restaurants”.

We cannot leave Bob Bob Ricard out of our list of the best date restaurants in London, considering they have a ‘Press for Champagne’ button.

Bob Bob Ricard marries The Great Gatsby with the works of Wes Anderson, an exuberant mix of class, sophistication and je ne sais quois. The restaurant’s design is alike to the Orient Express’ high walled booth seats, the only main differences being the electric blue design and the ‘Press for Champagne’ button.

For food, it would be a faux paux not to suggest the bearnaise sauce oysters (a natural aphrodisiac) coupled with, well, champagne, obviously, and we recommend the Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut. However, if oysters aren’t your preferred choice, then there’s plenty of other options on their menu, but for a date, we’d advise the Beef Wellington For Two.

Bob Bob Ricard encapsulates the aura of fine dining in the heart of London. Dressing smart is a must, but this formality does not take away from the fun to be had at Bob Bob Ricard.

17. Duck and Waffle – Bishopsgate

Maclynn says:

“Elegance and sophistication from above and remains one of the most popular locations for proposals”.

Heron Tower, another high rise London delight, located in Whitechapel you and your date can watch the world go by while dining in one of London’s most prestigious sky restaurants. While there is ample space for intimacy, we’d recommend booking the table in the corner, giving you a truly jaw-dropping view of the cityscape below.

The interior is exactly as you’d expect, flawless. Comprised of leather-lined furniture, a glossy bricked bar, frosted glass and dim lighting for added intimacy. The menu leans towards couples who are looking to share, again, emphasising a truly intimate dining experience. If you’re tempted by their signature dish, we wouldn’t blame you. Duck and Waffle’s crispy duck confit, a fried egg and a pair of fluffy light waffles topped with maple syrup is enough to tantalise anyone’s taste buds.

Don’t shy away from the cocktails either, there are some delightfully ambiguous concoctions waiting to be explored, such as the Truffle Sour, the Hay and the Clementine and Dark Chocolate Martinez.

18. The Ivy – Covent Garden

The Ivy

Image courtesy of The Ivy

Maclynn says:

“The Ivy epitomises traditionally stunning fine dining. Always a classic, always romantic”.

Forever romantic, The Ivy has several locations across the UK, but London boasts a masterful, art deco emporium. The Ivy has always excelled when it comes to their interior design, and The Ivy at Covent Garden follows this trend. With a triangular bar donning the centre of the room, and neighbouring plush green booths lining the wings, there’s room for fine dining and cocktail conversations.

The menu is expertly designed by previously Head and now Executive Chef Gary Lee, who has done so since 2007. We thoroughly recommend the Aylesbury lamb rump with heritage carrots, sweetbreads & mint. Pair this with a glass of L’Hospitalet de Gazin for an exemplary dining experience.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a more intimate setting at The Ivy, feel free to ask the dedicated staff for a corner table, the most popular being underneath the Parisian prints.

19. Sketch Gallery – Mayfair

Sketch date restaurant

Image courtesy of Sketch

Maclynn says:

“A plush haze of pink beams through the restaurant. Unusual, and certainly not forgettable”.

Pink, very, very pink. Sketch Gallery’s standout feature is, without a doubt, its astonishingly soft pink interior. Everything from the plush seating to the ceiling is doused in a delectably delightful pink haze, but don’t let this detract from their exceptional menu.

Keeping in line with the pink theme, we recommend starting with the fluffy, light sashimi of red tuna. While this may seem a small starter, this is because the main course is beautifully seasoned duck to share with your partner, served in two parts by your waiter. For dessert, the Sketch Chocolat is phenomenal, and its presentation is even better.

However, you can also enjoy Sketch for its cocktails, the two most romantic being the Peach Melba and the Mon Cherry – both of which are pink.

20. Iberica – Marylebone

Iberica date restaurant

Image courtesy of Iberica

Maclynn says:

“Tapas has never looked better, immaculately presented and equally tasteful, Iberica succeeds in making tapas hard to share with a date”.

Tapas restaurants will always hold a place in every romantic’s heart, and Ibercia personifies the art of exceptional tapas. For Spanish cuisine in a flawless setting, Iberica may top your list.

The interior is made up woods, brass and extravagant lamps, all of which compliments the vibrant, authentic atmosphere. Iberica is a warm and inviting setting, perfect for a first date in London and we haven’t even spoken about the menu yet.

To start, you must experience the Artisan Cheese Selection, including San Simón, Mahón, Ibores, La Peral & Manchego, served with quince. Moving on, you have a choice of traditional tapas dishes and Iberica Tapas, and we recommend the later if you’re looking for a truly bespoke experience. They also specialise in Valencian dry-style paellas, something which you may also want to consider if you’d prefer not to share.

21. Berners Tavern – Fitzrovia

Berners Tavern

Image courtesy of Berners Tavern

Maclynn says:

“Dining aside, this is one of the most architecturally stunning buildings in London, and if the design doesn’t win you over, the menu will”.

Berners Tavern is one of our favourite restaurants in London simply because of its decadent design and gold-lit cocktail bar surrounded by iconic historical art. Its booths are cosy and while the atmosphere can be busy, it allows areas for intimacy and private dining.

It will come as no surprise that the menu mirrors the gorgeous interior design, especially when Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton is the mastermind behind it. Maclynn recommends the aged buccleuch estate beef tartare with pickled beetroots and fresh horseradish to start, followed by the roasted Cornish cod with fennel, dill and mussel ragout. For dessert, you must try the bitter chocolate and mango millefeuille, it’s exceptionally light and rich, a perfect end to your dining experience.

Berners Tavern has to be seen to be believed, its post-modern take on Pre-Raphaelite London will leave you ogling at the decor, and that’s before you even order a cocktail.

22. Cafe Monico – Soho

Cafe Monico

Image courtesy of Cafe Monico

Maclynn says:

“Stepping into the past is easy and beautiful at Cafe Monico, and their Averna Sour is masterful”.

Cafe Monico offers a step back into 19th century France, better known as belle epoque (the ‘beautiful age’). This is a restaurant that exemplifies a time where society and culture were at their peaks. Chairs are leather-lined in British racing green, large lamps light the wooden bar and the floor tiles copper-coloured octagonal design completes the historic design.

The menu consists of traditional British cuisine, but we recommend the calamari with lemon aioli followed by the crab taglierini with garlic and chili. Desert has to be their cantucci cheesecake, soft, fluffy and the vin santo sauce is exquisite.

23. Claude’s Kitchen – Fulham

Claude's Kitchen date restaurant

Image courtesy of Claude’s Kitchen

Maclynn says:

“Simplistic and elegant, Claude’s Kitchen is unashamedly rustic, allowing the food and drink to burst with colour”.

The most interesting component of Claude’s Kitchen is their decision to have the design entirely comprised of whites and greys (aside from the mahogany chairs). We’re not sure if this was intentional, but if it was, it’s a stroke of genius, because it allows it makes their food look absolutely stunning.

Of course, it doesn’t just look good, their menu is bursting with sensational flavours. To start, Maclynn recommends the barbury duck breast with roasted beetroot glazed chanterelle mushroom and red amaranth. Follow this with the slow braised short rib of beef with horseradish pomme anne and a glass of Massolino Baraolo to compliment.

Claude’s Kitchen has everything, from the exceptional wine list to the incredibly friendly and helpful staff, it’s homely, romantic and humble. Perfect for a first date.

24. Hawksmoor – Piccadilly

Hawksmoor date restaurant

Image courtesy of Hawksmoor

Maclynn says:

“The clattering of pans and lively atmosphere perfectly complements Hawksmoor’s urban, monogrammed decor”.

Widely understood to be the best steakhouse in London, Hawksmoor in Piccadilly combines class with sophistication. Located in an Art Deco room overlooking Regent Street, Hawksmoor is abundant with the culture of London.

As many may be aware, Hawksmoor are renowned for being one of the best steakhouses in London and they do not disappoint. We recommend venturing out and opting for their rib-eye steak (400g), coupled with sprouts, beef butter and triple cooked chips. Add a glass of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs to complete the experience.

Hawksmoor for lack of a better term, is a no-nonsense steak house that understands the importance of expertly cooked steak. You’ll find it hard to find another steakhouse in London that takes as much pride in their steak as Hawksmoor.

25. Launceston Place – Kensington

Launceston Place

Image courtesy of Launceston Place

Maclynn says:

“Elegant, pristine and outstandingly lavish. Head Chef Ben Murphy has propelled Launceston Place to stardom in just one year”.

Arguably the epitome of romance, Launceston Place is humble, yet proud. The design is laden with whites, mauves and brushed auburn booths, it’s daringly simple and it knows it.

Better yet, Ben Murphy, previously of Les Pres d’Eugenie and the Greenhouse, is the mastermind behind the menu. The main attraction here is the tasting menu, which we strongly advise, especially for date nights. You can ask one of the knowledgeable waiters what wine would go best with your chosen meal, but for the tasting option, we’d recommend the Santenay, Les Terrasses de Bievaux (2016).

If it’s simplistic elegance and expertly crafted food you’re looking for, Launceston Place must be at the top of your list.

26. Llewelyn’s – Herne Hill

Llewelyn's date restaurant

Image courtesy of Llewelyn’s

Maclynn says:

“Simple and understated, Llewelyn’s classic contemporary European dishes are made even better when watching the world go by within its quaint confides”.

Llewelyn’s does many things right, but arguably its biggest plus point is the ambience it delivers. It politely nestles itself on Herne Street and their largely transparent structure gifts onlookers a glimpse of what they have to offer. Being a stone’s throw from the square itself, customers can enjoy watching the bustling cityscape while they enjoy the exceptional food on offer.

Llewelyn’s mirrors their simplistic design with their menu, using only simple, seasonal ingredients, with an menu that changes daily. Llewelyn’s specialises in classic contemporary European dishes, and we would strongly urge you to try the Smoked Old Spot loin, colcannon with parsley sauce. Their wine list must also be explored, particularly the Grenache Noir (2013) and the Clos 93, L’exclamacio (2015) are fine additions to an already impressive selection.

Llewlyn’s is a gem hiding in Herne street, for a luxurious brunch or a date night delight, it’s hard not to think of Llewelyn’s.

27. 34 Mayfair – Mayfair

Mayfair 34 date restaurant

Image courtesy of Mayfair 34

Maclynn says:

“Exceptionally smooth service, so often overlooked, but 34 Mayfair places it high on their priorities”.

What stands out most about 34 Mayfair is their attention to detail, specifically their waiting staff. Everyone is dressed to perfection, all charming and aren’t too intrusive, they have a perfect understanding of waiting etiquette, something which is often overlooked, even in high-end establishments.

Cocktails here are a must, and the head bartender will happily direct you to some of the favourites if you aren’t sure of your tipple. Their cocktails are inspired by the history of Grosvenor Square, and if you aren’t swayed by the head bartender’s recommendation, we’d suggest you try the Cato Street Conspiracy, a blend of Olmeca Altos Reposado, Ilegal mezcal, Ancho Reyes liqueur, pink grapefruit, and rosemary agave. It’s a fresh, tantalising cocktail with a bitter, but crisp grapefruit kick.

The menu specialises in meat and fish, so we strongly suggest veering towards these options. One item that caught our attention was the 500g Chateaubriand sharing steak (for two), match that with one of the many red wines on their bespoke wine list and it’s a dish that delights the senses.

34 Mayfair perfectly pairs luxury with intimacy, and the waiting staff are among the most impressive we’ve experienced.

28. Sushisamba – Bishopsgate

Sushisamba date restaurant

Image courtesy of Sushisamba

Maclynn says:

“Where finesse meets food, SUSHISAMBA is London’s sky delight”.

Exiting the glass lift and entering SUSHISAMBA is a marvel unto itself, and you haven’t even sat down yet. The design is lavishly loud, coupling a glossed black and white zig-zag floor with electric orange boots and leather-like mahogany seating makes for quite the setting. Once you’ve processed the abstract decor, you’ll realise that you’re 37 floors up, and that’s where the true delight sets in.

Onto the menu, SUSHISAMBA excels in sharing dishes, perfect for date nights in London. Their menu leads towards sushi dishes and is expertly designed by Corporate Chef John Um. attention to detail is above all else at SUSHISAMBA, and Chef John Um excels in both. In his words:

“The key to the culinary experience is striking a balance: achieving an end result that is equal parts taste and presentation. In many ways, I consider this process an art. Oftentimes when I plate dishes, I draw inspiration from the aesthetics incorporated in painting”.

We personally recommend diving into the group menu. It’s primed for sharing and includes some wonderful options, including the Bolinhos De Bacalhau which consists of cod, lime and shichimi togarashi mayo, alongside aji Amarillo and purple Peruvian potato. If you’re looking for sushi, we recommend the Ezo, which includes soy-marinated salmon, asparagus, onion, chives, sesame, tempura crunch, soy paper and wasabi mayonnaise.

Couple this with one of the many fine additions on their wine list, or the Sambatini, their signature, monthly inspiration cocktail, created in-house by the SUSHISAMBA team. This is a space that combines finesse with exceptional taste, and it shows through both the decor and the menu.

29. J Sheekey Atlantic Bar – Soho

J Sheekey

Image courtesy of J Sheekey

Maclynn says:

“An Atlantic emporium that delights the senses, everything from the grandiose design to the lavish menu screams sophistication, a true triumph”.

Opening in 2008, J Sheekey Atlantic Bar remains a hidden jewel of Covent Garden and Soho. entering to an horseshoe-shaped oyster bar overlooking the open kitchen immediately highlights the grandeur of J Sheekey, and we haven’t even mentioned the menu.

The menu is seasonal and puts a specific emphasis on seafood and shellfish, but also encourages customers to try their sharing plates of fish, salads and game. One of their standout features, however, has to be the ever-theatrical Plateau de Fruits de Mer, which we strongly urge you to try.

An exceptional wine list compliments the emphatic menu, offering a variety of wines, Champagne and sherry. These are enjoyed even more when seated atop the roof terrace overlooking London’s bustling cityscape.

J Sheekey is best suited for summer date dining, however don’t let this stop you from visiting all-year round, because the decor inside is equally as mesmerising.

30. Oblix – The Shard

Oblix date restaurant

Image courtesy of Oblix

Maclynn says:

“A powerful amalgamation of crimson colours and brooding ambiguity. Oblix chimes with class, sophistication and grandeur”.

Oblix, in our opinion, is best enjoyed in the evening, as this is where its interior decor truly shines. Molten obelisks offer a dim, but warming ambience which complements the blur of the city lights below. Everything at Oblix is cool, smart and crimson. It’s unashamedly romantic and seeps with an alluring sense of ambiguity, we can’t quite put our finger on it, but we love it.

The menu is a no-nonsense and straightforward collection of urban classics, such as steak, lamb chops and lobster and they also have a bespoke vegetarian menu (we suggest you try the wild mushroom risotto, spenwood cheese & autumn truffle). The sides are also exceptional, and there’s a fair amount of choice, so you’re able to pair your meal with a variety of fine options. Match this with one of the many wine options on their eclectic list and you have yourself the perfect skyline date night.

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