ARÔME – Marylebone, Covent Garden

Arôme is a super trendy and delicious bakery founded on its owner’s passion for French techniques and Eastern ingredients. As soon as you step through the door, you are met with the scintillating smell of the chef’s immaculate fusion of all things sweet, savoury and umami. The simple and rustic interior provides a welcome back drop for an aesthetic autumnal activity with a cosy romantic touch. Plus, the café attracts an interesting crowd that will likely create an exciting vibe for your date. The pastry menu is filled with delicious choices. Whilst Arôme has wonderful bakery classics like French viennoiserie, be adventurous! The bakers have created a wonderful selection of innovative pastries and flavours, invite that spontaneity into your date. Encourage them to try new things, after all, gaining new experiences together is one of the best ways to bond! Plus – they have every kind of coffee and replacement milk under the sun, so you can be sure that will be in your comfort zone.

LAYLA BAKERY – Notting Hill

Layla Bakery is a neighbourhood bakery located in the heart of Ladbroke Grove. The team use seasonal ingredients and ancient baking traditions to fill their menus with exciting pastries. With its convenient location, you and your date could pick up some lovely coffee and pastries and stroll around London’s gorgeously popular Portobello Road. In our experience, people watching can be one of the best first date conversation prompts. So if you’re a nervous first dater, or just can’t sit still, go on a Layla fuelled people watching walk! The menu has a lovely blend of savoury breads and Danishes to wonderfully sweet apple miso tarts – perfect for any flavour preference. Our personal recommendation is that you trythe pistachio pain Suisse and whatever seasonal fruit Danish is on offer.

CEDRIC GROLET – Knightsbridge

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard of Cedric Grolet. His aesthetic baking videos depicting piles of seemingly perfect, fresh ingredients have swept the internet. Grolet is most infamous for his realistic fruit creations. These patisseries conjure feelings comparable to that which we all felt watching Gene Wilders original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Admittedly, the café is rather expensive, however, it is an experience that you and your date will never forget. The luxurious setting of The Berkeley, in combination with the deliciously intricate patisserie will provide an intimate setting for any romantic partner.

BOXCAR BAKERY – Marylebone

Boxcar Bakery is a staple on Wyndham Place. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon well spent in the sun, or a cosy indoor hot chocolate, boxcar is a wholesome, popular spot. The bakery is very well situated near the Wallace Collection amongst other great exhibitions, in case you would like your date to end rather than being there. It is the perfect place for a relaxed, low-key coffee date with an elegant twist. The pain au chocolats are particularly good, although, try and get there early before they all get snapped up! Fortunately, Boxcar is not pastry exclusive and can be a wonderful brunch spot with scrambled egg filled croissant rolls to die for! We highly recommend Boxcar as a relaxed, sweet spot for getting to know someone.

CHESTNUT BAKERY – Belgravia, Covent Garden

Chestnut Bakery is filled with natural light and totally bursting at the seams with delicious breads and pastries. The bakery is incredibly spacious at both venues, especially in Covent Garden, and is typically full of foodies and pastry lovers alike. Both spots have intimate outdoor seats, much like a Parisienne café with lovely flowers and cobbled streets. If you’re looking for a sweet and delicious sit-down coffee date spot – chestnut is perfect for you! Be sure to check out their new tiramisu Danish, it is amazing and perfect for two!

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