Important Considerations for elite gay professional gentlemen

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Many of our gay clients are high flying. The dating game can be a turbulent world, sometimes even more so if you’re an elite gay professional.

A lot of our elite gay professional clients come across dating conundrums unique to them, because of the globetrotting careers and successful lives they lead. Many of our gay clients travel the world, lead high-profile companies or are engaged in philanthropy. To say their time is valuable is an understatement. They don’t have time for men who are only after their money (trust us – hearing about the gold-diggers our gay clients have encountered before they began working with Maclynn (formerly Vida) is all in a day’s work!).

Investing in a matchmaker is a highly effective way of navigating the gay dating scene, but if you’re not ready for that, there’s loads you can be doing to save yourself time and, sometimes, heartbreak.

How far is far?

One major consideration for an elite gay professional gentleman on the dating scene is location. For some men, even leaving their own city can be a hassle. Perhaps they’re low on time, maybe they’re snowed under at work. Maybe they don’t even think they should have to travel beyond the city limits in order to find that special someone (in which case, are you sure he’s the one for you?).

Other men have far more flexibility. Often, they’re just as busy as everyone else, but prioritise finding the man of their dreams over getting in a massive overtime at the office. Certainly here at Maclynn (formerly Vida) it is not uncommon for a gay client to hop on a flight and travel not only beyond his city but to go internationally – that’s how well our matchmaking methods work! The key takeaway here is to truly assess whether he’s worth it. Whilst it can be hard to tell if you’re right for one another if you’ve only met a few times, sometimes you have to just take a leap of faith.

Online lovin’

For many elite gay professionals, dating apps have completely revolutionised the romance scene. A Stanford University study found that, compared to only 39% of heterosexual couples, 65% of gay couples meet online. After all, in a heteronormative world, in which every apparent flirtation, every prolonged eye contact, every oh-so-subtle suggestive comment, is marred by the uncertainty of your gaydar, gay dating apps eliminate every such anxiety. These apps also mean that you can get on the dating scene and flirt your way to a date with an array of hot, interesting men – without leaving the comfort of your own home. But at what cost does this lack of face-to-face interaction come?

For one thing, online dating takes time – so much time. Every new person is a complete and utter stranger, with no context or history between the two of you. You don’t know their past, their background, their intentions – and many high-flying gay professionals simply do not have the time to be messing about with uncertainty and flakiness. Hooking up can be fun, but it’s unlikely to satisfy you on a deeper, emotional, spiritual level. There’s no doubt whatsoever that gay dating apps have produced many wonderful success stories over the years – but, in order to get to know a potential partner from scratch the ‘old-fashioned’ way, you may need to look elsewhere.

Make time

For many elite gay professionals, it can be their success itself stopping them from getting out on the dating scene and forging new and exciting romantic connections. Sometimes, their sexuality can also make things frustratingly tricky – from accurately tuning in your gaydar to finding out where the best gay bars and clubs in town are, dating as a gay professional is often far from easy. As a matchmaker at an elite dating agency, however, I say – never fear! There is hope.

Incorporate getting to know new people with other aspects of your life that you’ve been intending to focus on anyway. Feel like you’re too highly-strung to open up to new potential partners? Go to a meditation class. Feel you could lose a pound or two? Join a gym. Worried that you’re too materialistic? Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen and get some perspective back in your life. Break it down into small, manageable chunks: This month, I’ll join at least one group; This week, I’ll take at least three hours out to hit that class at the gym.

Pursue your interests beyond the workplace. Meet likeminded gentlemen who are genuinely passionate about what they do with their lives – then watch the sparks fly. Common ground is key. Discovering the values you hold close and that you share with a guy who is kind, funny, handsome, caring, driven – this is what the strongest relationships are made of.

Work on yourself. Don’t spend so much time worrying about who might be your perfect man – spend it on becoming his perfect man.

We can find you your perfect gentleman

Investing in a gay matchmaker is a tried and tested way of finding your ultimate life partner. After all, a Northwestern University study found that people who invest financially in looking for love, whether online or through matchmaking, take it far more seriously, go on more dates and report their dates to be more meaningful. This perfectly encapsulates what we at Maclynn (formerly Vida) stand for.

We have offices in New York and London, not to mention over fifty consultants worldwide. We have a vast global network of highly successful, ambitious, attractive gay professionals, all just waiting to meet that special gentleman. We begin with a compatibility profiling session, an intricate, psychology-based assessment developed over our eight-year history, in order to create only the strongest matches based on our members’ deepest-held values and principles.

Why not find out how we can find you the gentleman of your dreams? Get in touch today – fall in love tomorrow.

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