I love my job. And my job… is love.

Being a matchmaker is pretty unusual. You take it for granted after a while, but sometimes I stop to think and remember that I am helping people in what is often the biggest decision of their lives, the greatest contributor of all to their potential happiness: finding them the love of their life.

At Maclynn (formerly Vida), we work with only the most exceptional clientele, both here in New York City and beyond. With a headquarters in London and consultants scattered throughout the world, we are a truly global company. Finding people love and happiness is one heck of a responsibility, and my team and I do not take it lightly. But how does a job in the love industry actually manifest in the day-to-day?

Matchmaking requires a great deal of interpersonal skills and relationship expertise, which we relish utilizing on a daily basis. We need extensive knowledge of the city; its best and most interesting date spots; and the general unspoken rules that all New Yorkers engaged in the dating game adhere to.

Of course, there can be no matchmaking without people to matchmake for. At Maclynn (formerly Vida), we have two types of membership. Our Private Members are our clients, for whom we actively seek partners; the Open Membership is more passive. OMs are those we spend time seeking, both online and in person, all around the world, and whom we invite into our exclusive network. On the day-to-day, it is the responsibility of the matchmakers to interview OMs, whether in person or over the phone, and assess them in accordance with the search criteria of our clients, through our in-depth compatibility profiling sessions. What makes us elite is our consistency in identifying only those OMs whose values and principles most closely match those of our clients. Our solid 85% success rate truly speaks for itself in this regard.

At Maclynn (formerly Vida), we work off two core principles: business expertise and psychological principles. It is this latter point that truly distinguishes us within the matchmaking industry. Many of our team have psychological backgrounds themselves, and they all ensure to spend time within the working day to keep abreast of the latest psychological research in the field of romance. We are committed to continually innovating and developing ever more intricate diagnostic assessments, based on up-to-the-minute robust psychological evidence.

There is much more to matchmaking than just making matches, though. At Maclynn (formerly Vida), we are very much a community: we love to help people, and our members are gregarious, philanthropic sorts. Every month, we hold our Meet the Matchmaker events, where the matchmakers meet new OMs and weigh up who might be a good fit for whom. It is invaluable to our matchmakers to take the time to meet potential matches for our Private Members in person, and we always look for forward to meeting each month’s new cohort. (Plus, the wine doesn’t drink itself!). We also have an excellent US scout program, in which trusted individuals, each with their own respective networks of successful, dynamic, attractive friends and acquaintances, refer to us singletons from all over the States.

I myself, as Maclynn’s Head Matchmaker and COO for the Manhattan office, need a solid routine in order to be my best and perform to my optimum, in accordance with the understandably high expectations of our numerous clients. I keep up to date with clients and potential matches alike with video calls (for those overseas) or meetings (with our New York members). I touch base with our matchmakers on a daily basis in order to give and receive feedback on dates, as well as advise on upcoming dates. When setting up dates, we provide a concierge service. Whatever locations and venues our members prefer, we schedule a time and location convenient for both parties – then sit back and wait on tenterhooks!

I feel truly privileged to work in such a wonderful industry. Not only do I spend my days working alongside exceptional, talented people (colleagues and clients alike), I walk into the office every morning knowing I have the opportunity to change someone’s life immeasurably for the better.

If you’re a New Yorker looking for love – if you’re tired of idle bar chat, bored of the same old uncommitted city-goers – why not get in touch and see if we at Maclynn (formerly Vida) can weave our magic and find you love? Contact us today – fall in love tomorrow.