A Day in the Life of a Matchmaker for Single Gay Professionals

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Since working for Maclynn (formerly Vida), an international, award-winning matchmaking agency, I am pleased to share my take and insight into gay matchmaking.

Since I began working at Maclynn (formerly Vida), an international, award-winning matchmaking agency, I have taken on the role of matchmaking for all our gay clients – of whom there are a lot! No two days are the same in this job: when you work in the industry of love, you can expect twists and turns every step of the way, such is the nature of the beast. My clients are lovely guys, successful, handsome, worldly – and so have understandably high standards when it comes to finding a potential partner. Matchmaking is a unique career – finding a long-term partner is arguably the most important thing many people will ever do, so I do not take the responsibility of these guys’ happiness lightly!

At Maclynn (formerly Vida), we have a great many gay clients from all around the world.

Some of them I will never actually meet in person. We begin their membership with a video call, during which time I conduct the client’s compatibility profiling session, an intricate, psychology-led assessment developed by Maclynn over its seven-year history in order to create the strongest matches based on our members’ deepest-held values and principles.

The majority of our gay clients are based in London, and I take great pleasure in making time to meet each of them on a regular basis. Since I am the only matchmaker at Maclynn working with gay clients, one challenge for me to keep on top of, is meeting every single gentleman whom I may (or may not) introduce to my clients, in order to gauge their personality and assess how complementary their personality and values are. Being the only matchmaker in this role, I cannot rely on feedback or client knowledge from my colleagues. Whilst this makes the introductions process relatively time-consuming, I love getting to know my clients in such depth: at Maclynn, our clientele are exceptional, and every gentleman who comes my way has a fascinating backstory, life and career. Meeting gentlemen from all over the world, it is interesting to see differences culturally and between countries in terms of what they value the most in a potential partner; what is important to them; what they most aspire to achieve in life. My inner psychologist truly relishes this aspect of the role!

Working with gentlemen from all around the globe, a major factor in the initial selection of profiles for them is location. Each member is completely different in terms of schedule, flexibility and requirements. Sometimes, clients wish only to meet gentlemen within their own country; others are willing to travel abroad (and sometimes, to the other side of the world!). Again, being the only matchmaker working with gay clients presents challenges in this regard; I must spend time ‘headhunting’ for new members in a client’s preferred location, if we do not already have eligible members in that particular area.

When I have a potential match (always very exciting!), I call my client and email over the profile, along with a few photographs – and vice versa, of course, sending the client’s profile and pictures to their potential match. If and when both my client and their potential match agree to meet one another, I mediate their date arrangements, give them the other’s contact details – then sit back and wait on tenterhooks! If the two gentlemen are in different countries then I get more heavily involved with the date arrangements – it’s a lot of fun researching the best date spots in cities with which I’m not overly familiar!

In between all of these duties, I spend my days monitoring my clients’ progress; requesting (and giving) updates; and receiving feedback on dates. Sometimes, being a matchmaker can be hectic (at the best of times!), but I wouldn’t change it for a minute. There is something special, magical, about being there for these amazing gentlemen when they most need me. I love getting to know them, becoming their friend, confidante and guide through the trials and tribulations of the dating game. And when a match comes together and I receive that all-important text message – ‘We’ve made it official!’ – that’s when it all becomes truly worthwhile.

If you’re a single gay professional, bored of the same old lack of commitment, the tiresome dates that seem promising at the time but never really go anywhere, then get in touch today. Maclynn (formerly Vida) can change your life – and it would be my absolute pleasure to do so.

| 4 min read

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Emma Searle

With a degree in psychology, Emma has a keen interest in understanding people, and applying her skills to help them through their matchmaking journey. Based in the London office, Emma’s specialities are gay matchmaking and international matchmaking. Emma has worked in the matchmaking industry since 2014, and is passionate about bringing people together and helping them to ignite that initial spark. She has no trouble putting her clients at ease, with her warm and personable approach.

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