The 3 Dos (and 3 Don’ts) of Dating in Your 60s

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When it comes to love, there’s no such thing as an expiry date. If you're dating in your 60s, romance can blossom at any stage of your life.

That being said, lots of people dating in their 60s will have come out of long-term marriages or relationships or may have been sadly widowed, so it can feel a little daunting to reenter the dating scene after so many years out. That’s why today I’ve put together the 3 dos and 3 don’ts of dating in your 60s.

1. Do feel like you belong—because you do!

People dating in their 60s may feel they’ve been ‘out of the game’ too long: they don’t know the rules, the etiquette, the expectations. But the truth is, the only thing that matters when it comes to dating is how comfortable you are. You can take things at whatever speed you want—and be under no illusion, either: dating is not a young person’s game! There’s no ‘right time’ to date, and you should consider yourself a worthy and eligible partner for the right person—because you are!

If you haven’t dated for years, even decades, it’s understandable to feel a little trepidation when you dip your toe back in the pool. But as long as you maintain a positive self-image of your own value and understand your own desires and boundaries, you can’t go far wrong.

2. Don’t be overly judgemental of others’ pasts

When someone has six decades of life and relationships behind them, they’ll probably have experienced all manner of life’s hardships. We can’t know the nuances of someone’s past and the reasons behind their decisions unless we really get to know them. But love is when two people get together free of judgement—or rather, when they’ve decided that their common values, interests, outlook, trust and affection supersede everything else, regardless of their pasts.

In your 60s, it’s not uncommon to date divorcees or people who have sadly been widowed, and you should afford them the courtesy of not being judged, just as you would like them to afford you. When you adopt this approach, you simply never know what kind of amazing people you might meet!

3. Do explore multiple dating platforms and services

When you’re looking to date, you have to cast your net wide. And these days there are apps, websites and dating services catering to every age group—so there’s no excuse to not give online dating a go! Each platform has a unique outlook, a different way of helping you find love, so practice due diligence in finding the one that works best for you. Ask friends who are familiar with the modern dating scene for advice, and see if they think a particular service would best suit your needs. In fact, tell your friends you’re open to meeting new people.

4. But don’t be frivolous with your personal details

While the internet has revolutionised the dating scene, this does come with some downsides. The most important is that unfortunately there are a few bad apples out there who try to scam or exploit people online. Some shady websites ask for personal information like your address or national insurance number. Avoid these. Your safety is and always must be your number one priority, and remember: no legitimate dating platform will ever ask you for those kinds of details. Steer well clear of ads that seem in any way predatory or untrustworthy, too.

5. Do be open to new opportunities

The perfect partner may be at your fingertips on a dating app or website—but they could just as easily be standing right there in front of you! Stay open-minded, and get out and try new things that genuinely interest you. That way you’re likely to meet people with similar interests (and even values) in an organic way, which we all know just feels so much better than when your first impression of a potential romantic interest is on a screen. And if there’s someone you’re interested in who you already know, muster the courage to pursue a relationship with them. If you think there’s a chance the attraction is reciprocated, muster some courage and go for it! You simply never know where it might lead.

6. Don’t care what people think!

As an older adult getting back on the dating scene, it would be normal to feel apprehensive about what society or even your social circle would think of you dating. But when you really stop and think, the only person whose opinion actually matters is yours. So date without fear of judgement, because it’s your life, your happiness.

And while modern dating technology has transformed the dating scene for everyone, 60-somethings included, the endless apps and websites can introduce a level of uncertainty into the experience of meeting new singles: is this person really who they say they are? How accurate are their photos? Am I being scammed? Luckily, there’s another way to date—and it all starts with getting back to basics.

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| 5 min read


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