NYC has a gender skew nothing short of astounding, and it is the underlying cause of a great many of the difficulties single women find themselves in. There are no fewer than 200,000 more single women than single men in the Big Apple. In most parts of the world, cultural and societal norms dictate that it is men who pursue and court women. Not so in NYC! Women vastly outnumber men – and this inculcates in men something of an entitlement issue. Many male New Yorkers treat the dating game as exactly that: a game. There is a certain mentality that, if the woman is not giving him exactly what he wants, there is no issue in abruptly ending the date and swiftly moving on to the next lady, whom he may well believe is waiting eagerly for his attention.

Here’s one thing Sex and the City did get right: NYC has a full-blown hook-up culture. With masses of young, successful, dynamic, intelligent, sexy people crammed together on an island, an island itself characterised by bars open until 4am, one-night stands are very much the norm. Last call at the bar? Last sweep of who is going home with whom!

This culture creates in a lot of guys the assumption that they just do not need to commit – after all, someone needs to go out and meet all these incredible women, right? For this reason, even planning date number two might seem like a huge leap, appearing to be a far more serious proposition than it actually is. Many female New Yorkers who are looking for love may feel the strain and ultimately begin to compromise what they really want in a long-term partner, just so they can have some semblance of a dating life.

How to deal with these overly amorous gentlemen? One thing you can certainly do is make it clear to whichever guy you are seeing that you are dating others as well (perhaps even if you aren’t… bear with us on this one!). Rightly or wrongly, this accomplishes two objectives. It gives the message to him that other guys are interested in you – thus validating him and his own attraction to you – and, secondly, instils in him a sense of competition, which might be just what he needs in order to actually commit.

This blasé attitude towards dating from many male New Yorkers means that, at some point, you’re probably going to be stood up. It’s no fun, but it’s nigh on inevitable in a metropolis with sometimes epidemic levels of noncommitment. As hurtful as it can be, try to solidify in your mind the fact that, if he’s stood you up, he is absolutely and utterly not worth a second thought. Treat is as a learning curve – a rather cruel, but ultimately invaluable, arc of life.

The overwhelming sex ratio of the Big Apple means guys have a lessened incentive to truly look and be their best. A lot of the time, you may feel a general sense of laziness and complacency emanating from men – for they can probably find a date even if they haven’t worked out in two years and they’ve got hot sauce down their tie. Conversely, NYC is full to the brim with hot, educated, successful ladies. Every woman goes to the gym, dresses well and works hard. Competition is fierce for those rare few guys who really are true gents. Even these ladies have a tough time finding love – what hope is there for the rest of us?

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