My client Naomi was warm, personable, giving and very open to the matchmaking process. She took the time to really reflect on her values and thought deeply about the kind of partner she wanted in her life. Someone with a big heart; someone authentic, compassionate and who wants to make a difference. A man who offers emotional safety & security.

I was able to find someone who fit her values in my first search! John’s values were clearly aligned with Naomi’s. He also noted that he wanted to meet ‘someone different, who will be able to teach me things, help me to discover…’ I instinctively felt that Naomi could be the right person for John and that Naomi would find a connection with John!

John was Naomi’s first introduction and they have never looked back. Both hailing from London, they had the opportunity to travel and live abroad and after only 6 months together, they made the decision to uproot their lives and move continent together. Subsequently, Naomi has said that  ‘the relationship and connection I have with John is like nothing I experienced before, in terms of feeling secure and safe. He's home for me now, and I'm the same for him. We can be literally anywhere in the world and still feel at home, because we have each other. Yet there is still that independence - we are building our lives both together and in parallel, which I think is healthy. And it's all because we are matched very well on our values, which is thanks to our matchmaker Abby.’

Meet the Matchmaker

Abby Quinn

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Abby is a Senior Matchmaker at Maclynn’s London Office. Her fascination for people’s personal stories, alongside her passion for working closely with people, led her to pursue a degree and post-graduate in Photojournalism and subsequently established her own international photographers’ agency.

Realising her innate desire to help people achieve their professional and personal ambitions, Abby transitioned into professional coaching and matchmaking. She has been matchmaking clients in London and internationally since 2011 and coaching professionally since 2015.

Abby is a true advocate of the matchmaking process and is a success story herself having met her husband on a blind date! Together with their two children, they reside in West London.

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