Knowing that both you and your prospective partner have agreed to meet up again is exciting and should fill you with confidence going into your second date. Again, as we mentioned in our first date tips, it’s important not to overthink or stress too much about the location but putting some thought and effort into the second date remains essential.

Before You Consider Your Second Date Idea

Now that you know a bit about each other, you shouldn’t have too much of that first date awkwardness. You’re also still getting to know your date, so keep the conversation light, fun and engaging – it’s important to be personal but not too intimate. Your second date idea is the perfect platform to secure a lasting impression and continue the positive trajectory of your potential relationship.

As award-winning matchmakers, we help people create personal and memorable second date ideas to increase the potential of a third. We have selected second date ideas to help you keep your spark ignited and continue to build on the positivity of your first date.

Choose a Recipe and Cook Together at Home

One of our favourite second date ideas is the simple activity of cooking for one another. It’s simple, therapeutic and allows you to openly communicate in the safety and accessibility of your home. Choose a recipe, shop for the ingredients and cook together with a bottle of wine. Cooking together at home encourages close-contact teamwork and offers insight into how well you both work together.

Delight in Wine Tasting at Berry Bros & Rudd

There are several fine wineries and vineyards to explore across the UK. If you’re based in London, we’d recommend Berry Bros & Rudd. Renowned for being Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, Berry Bros & Rudd have traded from the same shop since 1698 and remain London’s finest wine tasting experience. This ticks all the boxes for a perfect second date idea, as you’re in a stunning location that provides a natural conversation topic as well as sampling London’s finest wines.

Introduce Them to Your Actual Favourite Bar or Restaurant

A great second date idea is to take your partner to your favourite bar or restaurant. Why not do this on the first date? Because first dates are all about meeting in an appropriate and comfortable setting where you can get to know each other first. By the time your second date comes around, you know a little more about each other and your personalities, so when you take them to your favourite bar you’ll be far more confident allowing them an insight into where you’re comfortable and where you would usually go for a drink or a meal.

Marvel at London’s Cityscape with High Rise Dining

London boasts some of the most luxurious and renowned high rise restaurants in Britain. If you’re looking to make a strong impression on your second date, dining in the likes of 14 Hills, Angler, Aqua Shard and Decimo are among some of the most revered restaurants in London and certainly worth your consideration. The likes of Decimo regularly entertain celebrities and Aqua Shard is known for their iconic Peter Pan afternoon tea.

Obviously, one of the most unique aspects of high rise dining is the view over the cities. If you’re looking for one of the most romantic second date ideas in London, taking your partner to a high rise restaurant in London that overlooks the cityscape of London is never going to go out of fashion.

Host a Charcuterie Board Competition

Doing something creative on a second date is always a winner as it helps to subtly support conversation and positive communication. Combine this with some exceptional antipasti, fresh vegetables, wine and appetisers from a local market, and you have all the ingredients for a fun and cute second date. Adding a competitive element heightens that healthy desire to impress each other in a positive format.

Although it’s a simple second date idea, it offers a subtle way to show that you care and your personality will shine through both the ingredients and presentation of your charcuterie board.

Get Creative With a Craft Cocktail Competition

This second date idea can be enjoyed at home or at a cocktail making class.

Hosting a cocktail making competition at home encourages both of you to get creative and craft some unique cocktails. You don’t have to be a veteran mixologist, in fact, part of the fun is often creating something that’s entirely unique and experimental. Even if your cocktail turns out bad, it becomes a fun talking point and ice-breaker for the evening.

Alternatively, you can opt for one of the many fantastic cocktail making classes and experiences across London. One of our personal favourites is Rules Restaurant, famed for being London’s oldest restaurant and has appeared in the works of Charles Dickens and Charlie Chaplin. Spearheaded by the legendary head bartender, Brian Silva, who offers an unrivalled cocktail making masterclass. Both of you will learn the basic techniques for crafting at least four classic cocktails as well as two cocktails of your own choosing.  The bar itself promotes the vibe of a private member’s club.

Helping Introduce You to Exceptional People

It’s important to remember that there is no ‘perfect’ second date idea. Of course, the locations and activities you experience together will impact the style of the date, but the most important aspect of any second date idea is a platform for positive communication. Whether it’s high rise dining at the Aqua Shard or cooking for each other at home, maintaining the positive energy from your first date is crucial in securing a third date.

If you’re looking to enjoy these experiences with someone, that’s where we can help. Our exclusive matchmaking service is tailored to help you identify your perfect partner and introduce you to them. The world of modern dating can appear busy, saturated and stressful – and our service alleviates these common problems through transparent, honest and professionally tailored matchmaking.

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