Is this the year when you eschew gay dating apps or online dating in favour of romantic success and a relationship with the expert help of gay matchmaking in London?

When Maclynn Consultancy was launched back in 2011, we never anticipated that we would receive so many enquiries from people searching for gay matchmaking in London. On the surface, the gay dating scene in London appeared to be an established network of successful gay men who appeared to be very much in control of their dating lives. But the reality for many as we discovered was quite different.

Why Gay Matchmaking in London?

 As time went by, more and more successful professional gay men began to approach us asking if we offered gay matchmaking in London. As psychology is the basis of our business, it was important for us to really understand our gay male audience and the unique challenges that they face in seeking a life partner. It’s easy to jump to stereotype conclusions about the gay male demographic, but just as in the straight world, not everyone is flamboyant or colourful, but if you are that’s brilliant too. People are who they are and nowadays with the rise of the metrosexual, it’s not uncommon for many gay men to be assumed on first impressions as being straight. Maybe as a gay man that is exactly your type.

Our first gay client was in banking, impeccably styled, broad shouldered rugby player build with a firm handshake. If he was in Soho he might be more likely to be at Ronnie Scott’s than a gay bar, but that’s not homophobic by any stretch, but rather reflective of a change in the gay landscape. The more being gay becomes transparent and the norm, rather than the secret exception, the more socially assimilated people are becoming. It makes the playing field slightly more obtuse and not always easy to navigate.

Why would this city man need help in finding a partner when he seemed like such a catch? Do you need to go to a gay bar, be on a gay app, or a gay online dating service to find a gay partner? Straight or gay, looking for a life partner is challenging so it was a no brainer that we should begin a bespoke gay matchmaking service in London.

Gay Matchmaking vs Going it alone

What are the options when it comes to finding a genuine opportunity for a long term gay relationship? It can often be a case of where are you looking. Dating apps like Grindr clearly cater to fast love, whereas Chappy offers the opportunity to say you’re looking for a relationship and not just a quick roll in that gaystack.

There’s your friend network, but do you already know it so well and feel you want to meet someone who is not socially connected to you at all? You could throw a wild card in your search and try the County Clare Gay Matchmaking Festival. Does it all sound a bit random? It’s no wonder successful professionals are seeing the benefits of Gay Matchmaking in London with Maclynn Consultancy.

Gay dating is a challenge no question. The reality is that sex can be quite literally on tap, but what does that do other than satisfy an immediate need fuelled by testosterone? Perhaps it makes you feel liberated, but on the other hand it can also be deeply unfulfilling psychologically. It naturally follows that you may find yourself confused about whether you want to be single or not.

At what point do you want to give up the adolescence of having fun in place of a meaningful long-term of life partner relationship? Are you able to be honest enough with yourself to assess if your expectations are realistic and achievable in your ideal partner type? Are you afraid of commitment and want to leave your options always open and ultimately become the perpetual bachelor?

Why would you pay to find love with Gay Matchmaking in London?

Perhaps what’s holding you back is that you know you look good. You’re in your prime, you work out, you are successful in your career. It’s going to happen any day, now right? Perhaps a year or two on, you just haven’t become that happy couple and you’re still looking. Think about the things you do spend money on as an investment in yourself. You have invested in your education and career, maybe a personal trainer several times a week, beauty treatments or products, therapy and more. Why wouldn’t you invest as a successful professional in a private and highly confidential consultation and search for truly eligible curated dating opportunities?

Stop the disappointment cycle and actually be introduced to men who share the same values, ideals, education and life experience as you. They say money can’t buy you love which is true, but it can buy you the opportunity to find the right kind of love that is meaningful and has the potential to last a lifetime.

Gay Matchmaking in London can narrow the search 

Not all gay men have been fortunate enough to grow up in a space where they felt it was safe, normal or easy to come out as being gay. As a result, they very often turn a struggle into a life success. Blessed with talents and a determined resolve to achieve against the odds, they are often incredibly successful people. While always being driven forward in their lives, the focus has been on becoming as successful and financially safe as possible, often at the expense of investing in a meaningful love life. Fast love is easy, less time consuming and requires no commitment. But what is a successful life if you don’t have someone amazing to share it with?

Gay Matchmaking can help you come out in life

Your gay matchmaking expert will not only help narrow the search, but also coach you in how to break your professional modus operandi and meet your potential life partners as the authentic version of yourself. This all begins with your personalised consultation to establish what you really want in a life partner so that when you meet your date there is a far greater chance of you not wasting your time or emotional energy in something that won’t work.

Very often there can be a professional version of ourselves whether we are straight or gay that forms an invisible barrier around us preventing love from getting in.

Being out at work is not always easy and many professional men and women have remained in the closet for years. Fortunately, that landscape is changing, but circumstances are different for everyone.

It’s easier to be more vulnerable, open and authentic when you meet someone who is immediately on your wave length and shares your same life ideals and values. Gay Matchmaking in London with Maclynn Consultancy is all about putting you in the way of romantic opportunity with great potential for a substantive relationship.

Is Gay Matchmaking all it’s cracked up to be?

Like everything in life, you never know until you try. But it is in fact the best way to find the ultimate match where you know that you are actually going to go on dates that have real potential rather than a random stab at the gay dating landscape. Consider the benefits:

  • Personalised 1:1 highly confidential support
  • A network of successful, professional gay men both in London and internationally
  • Dates with men who meet your values, ideals, background and life experience
  • Leaving the lottery of online dating and apps behind
  • Finding the spark and the person

Maclynn Consultancy prides itself on the psychology of relationships and making connections based on that, and a thorough understanding of the needs, desires, and aspirations of their gay clients.

How successful are Maclynn Consultancy?

Maclynn Consultancy are recognised globally as leaders in the dating industry. In 2016, we won Matchmaking Agency of the Year Award at the European Dating Awards. I am also on the Advisory Committee for the Matchmaking Institute and a Chartered Member and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and hold a Master’s degree in Occupational Psychology.

Our gay network is like a Venn diagram. Our gay clients have introduced us to their circle of single professional gay men as a way of showing the kind of people they would like to meet outside of their network. The right kind of independent networks then become part of our growing sphere of opportunity that we can tap into to find the right match. As a result, our opportunities to find you the right partner are extensive.

Deciding about your Gay Matchmaking Agency in London?

When you make the decision, you will be deciding about your life and your future. With that in mind, be decisive, and make the connection now. Maclynn Consultancy is the best Gay Matchmaker Agency in London that can give you back your life. No more wasting time on apps, online or hoping you might meet someone. Instead you will be going directly to dating successful, attractive, well educated, international people like you. Invest now and you could be saying hello to the rest of your life.

It’s clear that when it comes to Gay Matchmaking in LondonMaclynn Consultancy are the fast track solution to finding a life partner as soon as possible. Contact us now to arrange a confidential no obligation meeting to see how you can stop your random search, and find love sooner than you think.