One of the most rewarding parts about being a matchmaker is being a part of the clients journey that they go on. Our clients gain a real sense of personal growth, understanding of themselves and then finding their own individual sense of fulfilment. Each journey is unique – from building confidence, to meeting interesting and aligned people, to finding meaning and purpose when they are on their dates. When those things align, then the likelihood is it not only turns into a relationship, but something much more. And if they are really committed to each other and both want to solidify that, sometimes a marriage.

Camille and I started working together in 2021. Like many of our clients, Camille had previously been married and had a young daughter, so the search needed to be someone amazing that not only could suit Camille, but would also potentially take on the role of stepfather to her child. I was therefore tasked with finding a perfect match that suited two hearts so to speak.

Camille had been working in international finance her whole career, as well as being a hands-on doting mother. She was a wonderful blend of warm and kind with an equal amount of intellectual curiosity. While Camille speaks 4 languages, she ideally felt most interested in meeting someone British.

After working through her values together, we identified that Camille would love to meet someone honest, kind, independent, and self-sufficient – someone who knows what they want to achieve in life, and who is passionate and successful at what they do. They needed to be committed and as she put it ‘consciously ready’ and willing for a long-term relationship.

At 41, Camille hoped that the option of one more child could still be a possibility and therefore her future partner would need to also be open to this. Being with someone who loved children and was able to be generous with his time, as well as his kindness would be above all else – with a shared desire to build an inclusive family environment together.

It was only a few months into her membership that I introduced her to Robert – a successful Oxford-educated, London-based multi-entrepreneur. Robert had all the wonderful qualities Camille was looking for; he was intelligent, kind, and humble with a huge heart. Most importantly, he believed in our process and trusted me to choose the right partner for him. He had also been through a divorce and had a young son who lived with him – so the match went from two, to three, to four people. All the pieces had to fit. There was a lot to emotionally navigate for them all through this match!

From the first date they formed a strong connection and it wasn’t long before both families started to integrate, with our help and support along the way. Fun family outings became extended holidays to Europe and Africa, meanwhile Camille and Robert also carving out time for their own romantic, happy and fun times together.

It was such wonderful news to hear that they had solidified their love in August 2022 with marriage, in the world’s most romantic city, Paris.

In Camille’s words…..

“Thank you so much for your kindness. Robert and I were married in Paris this weekend and are now in the process of relocating to continental Europe as a family. So many changes, who could have thought! But – here you go, thanks to you, Sarah Helen, it is a whole new life chapter of family creation for us”


If you are considering working with a matchmaker, our team of experts, many of whom have a psychology or coaching background, are not only here to help you find new love. They can also help you on your pathway to a more positive, equal and successful long-term future with your new partner, through listening to you, supporting you and guiding you towards the relationship that you truly deserve.

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