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Paris is a vibrant city of culture with some of the classiest, and most elegant single professionals in the world. How do single, eligible men and women meet a partner who is similar; someone who is also a high achiever in various aspects of their lives?  If what you are looking for is a long-term commitment in Europe, or perhaps even further afield then we may be able to help. At Maclynn (formerly Vida) we have succesfully worked with clients based in Paris over the last decade. With a cosmopolitan international network across Europe (and further afield) we may be able to help you too!

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Our Matchmaking Methods

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Our exclusive and personalised matchmaking agency has successfully selected and matched many of the top single cosmopolitan individuals living in Paris. It is our job to cater to you, so that without having to endure endless swiping you can still be focussed on meeting someone exceptional to share your life with.

We go about making one on one personal introductions to find you the long-term partner of your dreams. Our team of matchmakers are relationship experts with extensive international experience, which perfectly suits our Paris clientele.

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About us

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We have worked with several international cosmopolitan individuals in Paris, all looking to meet their ultimate match. We understand how time consuming dating can be, and how busy your life is. Let us focus on finding your ideal match for you so you can spend your time dating pre-screened, hand selected matches.
If you’re in Paris and looking for an exclusive, confidential and personal approach to finding your perfect partner, get in touch today!

Rachel Vida MacLynn is renowned as a world-leading matchmaking and dating expert and is widely featured in the press. Our approach is personal, professional and discreet. Our network of exceptional single men and women has been personally selected by us with the help of our consultants from across the globe.

Our vast network of single people and Maclynn’s enviable reputation means you are in safe hands exploring the world of matchmaking.

Rachel Maclynn, leading dating expert for busy singles in London.

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  • Sarah Helen stands out with her psychological expertise, combining kindness, interest, and deep insights into human behavior. She's dedicated time to truly understand me, making me feel valued and unique. Our journey included laughter and tears, but always with her unwavering support. Despite my idealism and reluctance to compromise, she's patient, realistic, and tirelessly works beyond expectations. Sarah Helen has fostered my growth, resilience in dating, and instilled hope in finding the perfect match.

    Jessica, 42, London

  • Initially skeptical of dating agencies, I joined Maclynn during a bleak Covid period. Despite my initial reluctance and awkward experiences, my matchmaker, Sarah Helen, was patient and supportive. Nearing my membership's end, I met an amazing man who exceeded my expectations. Our mutual attraction was instant, and I couldn't be happier. Now, I advocate for Maclynn to all my single friends, emphasizing that while the journey may have challenges, finding the right person is incredibly rewarding.

    Hannah, 59, London

  • Maclynn's coaching transformed my relationship perspective from blurred to crystal clear. Working with Lynsey and Madeleine was like correcting my vision; they helped me see my desires and communicate confidently. This journey wasn't just about finding someone else but also discovering a healthier relationship with myself.

    Sarah, 40, London

  • Karen, my support in re-entering the dating scene after 30 years, offered invaluable advice and coaching. Her understanding and match-making skills led me to a fulfilling new relationship. I couldn't have found happiness without her guidance.

    Justin, 58, London

  • You have made me a more confident happier person and for the first time in years, I am excited about dating again.

    Bruno, 32, Paris

  • Felicity has been a great matchmaker, friendly and supportive. She is positive and patient and has made me a better person.

    Amit, 39, Dubai

  • Seven years ago, I discovered Rachel's remarkable matchmaking 'magic.' Initially hesitant, I was soon convinced by her sincere insights and guidance. Meanwhile, a lovely woman elsewhere was also following Rachel's lead. Today, I'm overjoyed to be happily married to her for over four magical years, thanks to Rachel's wonderful influence on our lives.

    Arthur, 56, London

  • I couldn’t feel any better or more excited about everything. We’re already talking about relocating. Thank you for making this happen.

    Anna, 35, London

  • We married in December in Australia, a romantic journey just for us. Thanks to your introduction, I've found an amazing partner. Grateful for your service, this is indeed another Maclynn success story.

    Matthew, 43, Hong Kong

  • This process was fun, and here I am now with my partner and great memories to cherish forever.

    Juan, 37, Madrid

  • Leila, beyond a matchmaker, is my dedicated wing woman, offering unique solutions to meet like-minded men outside the bar scene.

    Henry, 41, London

  • We got married this weekend. The happiest day of our lives. Thank you for introducing us!

    William, 42, London

  • Working with Sarah Helen King was a delight; she understood my personality and identified my perfect match. Collaborating with Maclynn helped me recognize relationship obstacles and gain insight into the type of person who complements my personality and values.

    Kate, 47, London

  • My wife and I are happily married for over four years, a match made possible by Maclynn's team. Our life together is our dream, a testament to the core values and shared dreams we have. We're grateful to Maclynn for making this happen.

    Liam, 48, London

  • Exciting news— I am now engaged! After countless dates, it's wonderful to have finally met someone amazing. Thanks for all your introductions and effort!

    Noah, 41, London

  • We're thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter today! Thanks for making this dream a reality!

    Benjamin, 48, London

  • Rachel, I needed to express how outstanding Joanna is—a true superstar often without due recognition. Her feedback is invaluable, and her guidance and advice are incredibly supportive. I'd recommend Maclynn just for the chance to have Joanna manage one's hopes and dreams.

    Mark, 48, London

  • The crew at Maclynn were always so helpful. Giving me confidence and support all the way whilst kissing the frogs to find my Prince. I could not have done it without them.

    Roger, 40, London

  • After losing my husband, I doubted I'd love again. My matchmaker promised multiple soul mates exist, and indeed, after five months, I met someone. Now, I'm savoring every moment of falling in love anew.

    Ashley, 56, NYC

  • As a CEO and Entrepreneur I value incredible experiences more than just time out. I like to mix with people who stimulate great conversations and who can have fun. Yesterday’s amazing event at Anjuna was a fun experience; great people and great venue. Priceless for a busy exec!

    Liam, 53, Switzerland

  • Confident in Leila's matchmaking, her vast London network quickly found my match. Her passion shines, making her work truly magical for me.

    Paul, 52, London

  • Best first date I’ve ever had, really good connection it was effortless.

    Nora, 38, London

  • Karen, an emotionally intelligent guide, understands personalities deeply. She excels in creating supportive environments and connecting people, always offering thoughtful suggestions with positivity. Her smart, flexible approach is commendable. Highly recommended for anyone on this journey.

    Francesca, 49, London

  • At 45, I met my husband at my first Maclynn event nearly 3 years ago. Grateful for the push to attend alone, it led me to my now husband. He embodies everything I desired: warmth, kindness, intelligence, and humor. My journey proves that with optimism and openness, even in your forties and after many relationships, anything is possible!

    Victoria, 48, London

  • Some greater force brought us together when we would never have found each other otherwise. That greater force is Karen. I am deeply grateful to her for making my life a happy one again!

    Helen, 43, London

  • I've been with Maclynn for 6 months and appreciate Rachel's personal touch and regular catch-ups outside the office. The team's passion for matchmaking is evident, making me very happy with the impressive introductions so far!

    Julie, 52, London

  • Barbara, your events have enriched my life, introducing me to many smart and attractive individuals. Loved the evening!

    Robert, 48, Oxford

  • Frankie has been fantastic throughout. She gives great advice, really knows what she is doing, has a calm confidence about her skills, and cares about me.

    Luke, 58, London

  • I can’t believe that in the last 24 months, you introduced me to the man of my dreams and I’m now holding a baby!

    Sarah, 39, London

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