I’ve been matchmaking for almost 20 years, and in 2011 founded my own introductions agency. The Vida Consultancy (now Maclynn) quickly grew into one of the most respected names in the industry. My team and I have helped thousands of singles find love and life partners, and there’s been more than a few weddings and babies along the way as well!

So what is matchmaking?

To kick off, let’s see what the dictionary says:

matchmaker: a person who facilitate romantic introductions between singles

Matchmaking was traditionally undertaken with a view to creating marriages, and for many singles today that’s still the aim. But others are simply looking for someone incredible to spend their life with, and they’re not overly concerned about putting a label on it. It’s all the same to the matchmaker, whose only aim is to help the client achieve their unique dating goals.

Why do singles seek the services of a matchmaker?

Many busy singles, whether working or retired, outsource their love life to a professional just as they would outsource their health to a dietician, their fitness to a physiotherapist, and their domestic chores to a cleaner. It’s all about saving time, which after all is the only commodity with which we could all be more thrifty. Matchmakers and introductions agencies like Maclynn save countless singles not only time and effort but also the heartache of flaky daters and noncommittal romances, which sometimes feel all too common in today’s fast-paced and transient society.

Anyone can be a matchmaker. But few can be the kind of matchmaker singles deserve.

A matchmaker has a particular set of traits and skills that make them stand out from the crowd. It’s what makes them so adept at finding love for anyone, no matter their background, career or identity.

Their instincts are on point

Some people just have a knack for understanding who could pair up with whom with fireworks as a result. Matchmakers truly see people for who they are, beyond the bluster, show and facade. They intuit their clients’ deepest-held worries and ambitions, and are experts at translating these into actionable goals through refined dating strategies.

They understand the science of love

Romance is a mystery in some ways, for sure. But there’s also a lot of science underpinning chemistry, attraction and love. Matchmakers have a solid grasp of the psychology and even biology behind why that one person makes us gaga with lust and adoration. These principles guide matchmakers, and complement their instincts when it comes to identifying potential life partners for their highly choosy and extremely particular clients.

They’re discreet and tactful

Matchmakers deal with some of the most emotive aspects of their clients’ lives. They need to be not only empathetic and emotionally intelligent but also trustworthy. For example, many of our clients here at Maclynn are high profile people, yet our matchmakers keep schtum and never reveal their identity unless they’re matching them with a fellow single. It comes down to respect: as far as we’re concerned, the person sitting before us is a single person reaching out for help in finding someone incredible to settle down and spend their life with. With the right matchmaker, people feel safe, comfortable, and far from the reaches of prying eyes.

Their experience is unparallelled

A world-class matchmaker has a track record to match. They’ve successfully paired up hundreds of hopeful singles and these relationships have blossomed into more than many could ever have dreamed of. Clients therefore trust in their matchmaker’s judgement. 

So what happens when you sign up?

A matchmaker will first give you an in-depth psychological profiling. The results guide them in pairing you up with singles of similar backgrounds, principles and relationship goals. Moreover, your matchmaker will become your friend, your coach, your confidant, with you every step of the way with tips and advice. They’ll check in for an extensive debrief after every date, evaluating how it went and providing you with constructive feedback. You can also choose a membership that includes date coaching, which helps you improve your image and confidence, ensuring all the best things about you utterly shine on each and every date.

Becoming a matchmaker is the best decision I ever made. There’s nothing like empowering amazing individuals with the ability and wherewithal to meet the high-calibre singles they deserve. So if you’re looking for love and feel you’ve been doing so in all the wrong places, well—perhaps it’s time you gave matchmaking a whirl. Get ready to meet singles so remarkable, so compatible, so perfect for you that you’ll wonder where they’ve been all your life.

Maclynn is an elite, multi-award-winning international introductions agency.  Get in touch today, and meet your very own dedicated matchmaker who, among our vast network of attractive and eligible singles, will find you that one person who ‘gets’ you, who accepts and loves you for who you are—and whose highly specific criteria you also meet, of course!