So you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Maybe you’ve talked about it openly. Or maybe this is going to be a massive (and pleasant!) surprise.

Either way, for many people a proposal is once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you want to get it perfect. You don’t need to militant in your preparation (unless that’s how you deal with the nerves!)—but at the very least I recommend you tick off the 5 points on my tried-and-tested proposal checklist, which I’ve given to countless clients over the years!

1. Get her folks’ blessing

This is a sweet tradition that goes a heck of a long way to garnering her parents’ love, respect and admiration. It’s a way of showing her family you’re serious about your future together, and totally committed to her and her alone. There’s also the added benefit of extending a hand to your future in-laws—after all, marriage is about uniting not just two people, but two families.

2. Find the perfect ring

It can be tough finding out her ring size without giving the game away. So unless the proposal is an open secret between you and it will be purely symbolic, you might need to play detective. Take one of her rings to a jeweller to assess her size. You could even take a selection, and they’ll be able to point you in the direction of rings that resonate with her favoured style and designs. You could also speak in confidence to her friends and family, especially if you’re torn between several rings and just cannot decide.

3. Figure out a basic itinerary

Maybe you’ll plan a scavenger hunt, taking her on a journey through the highlights of your relationship, and culminating in her finding you down on one knee. Perhaps you’ll compile a photo album of your most cherished memories together, ending with a blank section titled That time we got married. Whether you want to get creative with your proposal or keep things simple, unfussy and traditional, know what you’re going to do in the big moment well in advance. By getting the logistics clear in your mind, you’re free to focus on the only thing that truly matters: popping the question, and letting her know how much you love her.

4. Nail the location

Once you know the how, you need to figure out the where. You might want to take her somewhere deeply symbolic in your relationship—that cute little cafe you had your very first date, the street corner you first said “I love you”. Or maybe you want something exotic and ridiculously romantic, like overlooking a sunset on holiday with rose petals scattered about—or even something completely off-the-wall, like hiring a street performer to pop the question on your behalf as the two of you walk by!

5. Know what you’re going to say

A marriage proposal is such a big deal that knowing what to actually say might feel overwhelming. So here are some great ideas if you’re stuck:

  • how you felt the first time you saw her, or the first time you met
  • when and how you knew she was the one
  • what you love most about her
  • how she’s changed your life
  • what you envision for your future together

As long you speak from the heart, you know it’ll work out perfectly. Just as it was always meant to.

And… don’t forget to have a little celebration planned, too!

Whether you’ve got a star-studded date night planned, you want to immediately FaceTime your loved ones, or you want to just lie beneath the stars together and reflect on your future together, have some idea of what you’ll do to celebrate. That way you round off the proposal and make the entire event smooth, flawless—and absolutely unforgettable.

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