So today I thought I’d delve a little into the precise matchmaking method my team and I have curated over our 12-year history, the 5-step path we take each and every client down to help them figure out what they want out of the process—and how we can empower you to make your goals a reality.

Exclusive matchmaking – tailored to you

It all starts with you.

Our Private Membership service has been designed with you front-of-mind. As matchmakers, we embark on a journey with you to find your dream match with the level of dedication you’d ordinarily expect only of a lifelong friend. Because we believe your dream match is out there,  we search relentlessly but discreetly, leaving no stone unturned to find that one person who aligns perfectly with you.

The 5 step method:

1. Know yourself

We need to understand your unique core principles and beliefs before we start envisaging the person who could be your life partner.

2. Define your ideal match

Opposites attract—but only up to a point. Your ultimate match will have deeply-held values that match yours, share your outlook on life, and just ‘get’ you like no one ever has before. They will live and breathe life just as you do.

3. Visualise the relationship

Building a relationship that stands the test of time is about so much more than the person. Consider goals, roles, location. Your life’s cogs must align with theirs. That’s why we will attend to the minutiae of any potential match’s character and lifestyle, ensuring you don’t meet someone who captivates you but is actually unavailable, either emotionally or geographically.

4. Create a plan and put it in motion

Have you thrown yourself into dating and been left wondering why it isn’t working? The missing link might be a solid plan, and the knowledge required to execute it. Our experts and matchmakers will not only create a strategy bespoke to your needs and personality, but they’ll deliver it as well. You’ll barely need to give it a second thought.

5. Date mindfully, with meaning and purpose

Dating shouldn’t feel like a numbers game. Every interaction should be considered with the attention it deserves, with each introduction taking you closer to finding your ultimate match.

Matchmaking grounded in psychology

Having completed my Masters in Occupational Psychology, my vision for Maclynn from the Day One was to draw on evidence-based psychological principles to bring together singles based on their most fundamental values and worldviews. Today, most of our team have a degree in psychology – some even a PhD in psychology. Our understanding of what makes our clients tick is unparallelled in the industry, and it’s why we can help you meet potential partners who are more compatible than you’d even thought possible through a matchmaking agency.

…And there’s a lot more to the process once you’ve established your goals

Of course, the 5-step matchmaking method we’ve honed over our history is only the beginning of your journey to finding real and lasting love.

Next we draw on our vast worldwide network, spanning over 100 countries and comprising thousands of illustrious and highly eligible singles, and our partnerships with other high-end industry professionals, as we whittle down your potential dates to a handpicked shortlist of only your most compatible matches.

The process is further bolstered by our global ambassadors, who act as headhunters for our matchmakers. Our ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds and industries, but they all have one thing in common: they’re eminently well-connected, boasting remarkable and far-reaching personal and professional networks. If they don’t know someone, well—they know someone who knows someone.

Finally, we may invite you along to our exclusive singles evenings – our high-end events hosted at gorgeous and exclusive luxury venues in association with a number of our elite partners. We may also invite you to our dating masterclasses run by our senior matchmakers. These lectures and seminars will help you think more deeply about how to date mindfully, with a plan in mind and clear goals to keep you on track. Because your match is out there—and it’s no exaggeration to say that Maclynn is exceptionally positioned to help you find them.

Finding your perfect match is a journey we take together

Searching for your dream partner is a big deal. That’s why our team don’t just know their stuff, but why we hire them specifically for their compassion and authenticity, too. We will welcome you with kindness and sincerity.

Maclynn is a boutique, multi-award-winning introductions agency with offices in New York, New Jersey, California and London. We’re world-renowned for bringing together highly compatible singles within our vast network of attractive, intelligent professionals, and our matchmakers are relationship experts in their own right.