Maclynn understands that the journey from breakup to new beginnings is unique for everyone. It’s not just about finding someone new but also about resolving past relationships with grace and mutual respect. This is where “Resolution Together” comes into play. Designed as a bespoke method for working through family-related problems post-breakup, RT emphasises collaboration and mutual respect, values that are also foundational to successful matchmaking.

What is Resolution Together?

When people typically think about solicitors, they imagine court battles or expensive legal bills but it doesn’t have to be that way. RT offers a dignified way to address unresolved matters such as property ownership, asset division, and child arrangements. By working together with a single solicitor, former partners can find amicable solutions that prioritise the well-being of all involved, especially children. This immediately removes a lot of the acrimony and polarisation between separated couples as there is no strategy involved and the solicitor must act in the best interests of both parties.

How does it work?

The solicitor will hold individual meetings initially to assess the suitability of the pair for using the RT method. If suitable, joint meetings can then be held where the parties will share financial or other pertinent information together and there are discussions as to the best way forward. Legal advice is provided by their solicitor, outlining potential court approaches and options. The couple then explores issues further to work towards reaching an agreement with the benefit of the joint legal advice they have received within meeting(s). If necessary or helpful, other professionals can be brought into the joint meetings or as bolt-ons to provide specialist financial, pensions or other advice or to help support individuals through the process. This could include more holistic professional involvement such as divorce coaches or therapists, where required. Upon reaching an agreement, relevant paperwork is prepared by the solicitor for court submission in order to formalise any agreements reached.

Will it be suitable for me?

Resolution Together will not be appropriate for every separated family. It is likely to work best if you and your former partner are seeking to work amicably and cooperatively with one another, whether that is because you have been separated for some time and the situation is less emotive, or whether you wish to resolve things amicably for the sake of any children involved.

What if we can’t agree?

If the parties disagree, a mediator or a barrister may be considered to assist, but many areas of disagreement can be overcome through further discussions within the process. Legal advice guides the discussion, but the final decision rests with the couple involved.

Is it cheaper?

Resolution Together can mean that legal fees are significantly reduced. Working with your ex and sharing the cost of one solicitor between you represents an opportunity to proactively manage legal expenses and ensure they are kept to a minimum. RT will not work for every couple and it is important to discuss its pros and cons with your solicitor before undertaking the process.

If you believe the RT method could be of interest for your situation then please contact me to have a free informal chat to find out more.