9 Long-Distance Date Ideas to Revitalise Your Romance

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Long-distance relationships can be tough, but they don’t have to be! Explore long distance date ideas to keep connected to until you’re back together.

The good news is, technology has made long-distance dating and relationships so much easier and more enjoyable. It’s important to remember that your time apart will come to an end sooner or later and, in the meantime, you can enjoy some fun long-distance date ideas to keep the fun and romance alive.

From virtual tours to dinner date nights, Netflix parties and homemade care packages, explore our favourite long-distance date ideas to keep the spark burning during your time away from each other!


Our Sweet Date Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

1. Watch a Movie or TV Show in Sync

Simply arrange a time and a date with your partner to watch a film of your choice. The good news is, a few popular streaming platforms offer this as a specific service. Two of the most popular streaming platforms have this, such as Amazon Prime’s Watch Party feature and the Netflix parties function.

Try not to spend the evening deciding what to watch, organise and agree on this beforehand!

2. Take a Virtual Vacation

Another increasingly popular long-distance date idea is virtual vacations. As the name suggests, virtual getaways involve you and your partner travelling around villages, cities, nature reserves and pretty much anything you can think of from the comfort of your home. There are a few websites that offer this unique service – allowing you to sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy exploring iconic cities, stunning monuments, road trips and even flying tours.

Combine this with a glass of wine and some snacks and you’ve got yourself a date!

3. Plan a Trip Together

Young woman sitting at the window sill during a positive virtual date.

From a virtual date to an eventual physical date!

If the previous long-distance date idea got you in the mood for travelling, why not spend one evening (or a few evenings) planning your dream trip away? Spending time researching new places to visit alongside your partner is always an enjoyable and rewarding experience and several great websites allow you to explore countries and cities around the world.

Once you find somewhere to visit, you can start looking for hotels, activities to enjoy and list any monuments or places of interest you’d like to visit. Once you’re happy with your plans, you can start calculating costs and booking the trip!

4. Dive into a Virtual Museum Tour

While it may not be the same as exploring the Guggenheim or the Natural History Museum first hand, virtual museum tours offer a unique, uninterrupted and intimate view of the artworks and galleries. These virtual tours aren’t just limited to London museums either, you can choose to explore some of the most revered and iconic museums from around the world.

Below are some of the best virtual museum tours we found:

  • British Museum, London
  • MASP, São Paulo
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
  • National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
  • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
  • Musée d’Orsay, Paris
  • Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia
  • The Broad, Los Angeles

5. Send Each Other Care Packages

Care packages can be anything from a hamper of fine cheeses and wines to a homemade box of their favorite comfort foods and gifts. If you’re creative or into arts and crafts, you can take time to design the whole care package from scratch.

Some ideas for a truly bespoke care package might include:

  • Bottles of their favourite wine and cheeses
  • A photo album of moments in your relationship
  • Love letters (envelopes and letters you can send each other)
  • Perfumes and fragrances
  • Luxury Soaps and skincare products
  • Organic teas and coffees

Sending a care package, whether it’s a luxury package from somewhere like Fortnum & Mason, or a bespoke homemade care package, is one of the more cute and romantic gifts to receive from afar.

There are tons of fun comedy shows that are being live-streamed (because of, you know, these times) that you can enjoy together. I especially like writer/comedian Lane Moore’s Tinder Live shows, where she projects her Tinder onto a screen and swipes (and has hilarious conversations with her matches) in real-time. Not every performance is live-streamed, but many are.

6. Take a Romantic Walk Together

Green flags

Video calling your partner while you both take a walk or a hike is not only a nice shift from talking over a laptop or your phone at home, but it also makes it feel as though they’re right there with you. It gives you the chance to explore your city, town or outdoor areas surrounding your home and you may even discover new sites for yourself. If your partner hasn’t had the opportunity to visit your home, this is also a great opportunity to give them a tour from afar.

You could also bring your own picnic baskets to enjoy after your walk.

7. Cook Alongside a Professional Virtual Chef

This is one of our favourites; several renowned restaurants provide this creative, personal and enjoyable experience. While certain nuances may differ from chef to chef, the concept remains largely the same; you jump on a call with a chef and they guide you and your partner through a specific recipe from the comfort of your kitchen! All you will need is access to a laptop with a webcam and of course, the ingredients for what you’re about to cook or bake.

What you choose to create depends on the restaurant and chef you select. Some offer three-course meals whereas others may offer baking and desert-based dishes.

8. Test Your Compatibility With the Love Language Test

The Love Language test is a great way to learn more about your partner in a somewhat deeper, psychological sense. The Love Language test is designed to explain the fundamentally different ways we express and receive love. The Love Language test isn’t just reserved for couples, love languages can also extend to your close friends and family.

Take time one evening to complete the test together (over video call or simply on the phone) and talk about your results afterwards.

9. Fly Out and Meet Somewhere Romantic

While this isn’t strictly a long-distance date idea, we’d like to think you would enjoy meeting your partner halfway!

Many of our clients who are matched abroad delight in the opportunity to hop on a plane, ferry or train to meet their respective partner in a romantic location. For example, let’s say you’re based in London and your partner is in Italy or Spain, you could meet in France, the Netherlands or Germany for a midway romantic getaway. This could be a whole new experience for both of you and the chance to explore a city or country you have never been to before.

You can also have fun planning this trip and discussing what restaurants to go to, the sites to see and other activities to be enjoyed there.



Looking for Someone to Share These Experiences With?

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We’re a team of highly-experienced matchmakers who specialise in combining psychological principles with personalised consultations to understand the type of person you are and the type of person you’re looking for.

If you’d like to learn more about our bespoke, private matchmaking service, why not give us a call? Even if it’s just to get a better understanding of how we work and have helped thousands of single men and women find love across the UK and further abroad.

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