Being able to laugh with a new partner and have fun un has been shown to be a precursor to a long-lasting positive relationship. It’s true, couples who laugh together, stay together! As a matchmaker, many of our clients ask us for advice on suggestions for a fun dating activity so with no …

Ice Skating

Just like the film, there is something truly serendipitous about ice skating and a potential love interest. In most towns and cities, you are usually not far from an ice rink, whether you’ve never put a pair of skates on before, or are more slightly advanced in their skating prowess. Ice skating is all about confidence, more so than technique. If you are not afraid to get started, it’s pretty easy to pick it up and it is super fun!


As an agency whose values are entrenched in monogamy, why am I suggesting swingers?? Well, no need to worry, Swingers or indoor crazy golf as it may be otherwise known, is a new fun golfing concept, where couples can spend some quality time competing against each other on a fluorescent and vibrant course. From the challenges of the helter skelter, to navigating the intricate big wheel, supported by one of the best cocktail selections around. You cannot not have fun here unless you are a sore loser. In that case, I suggest a spicy margherita to ease the pain, if you happen to not be the victor!

Join the sky-high club – restaurants with a view!

In the last few years there seems to be a new trend of placing restaurants as high as they can go, in new build skyscrapers, think the Shard or the Salesforce tower, enhancing the diners experience and creating a breath-taking date venue. It is not just about the food and the company anymore, but the overall Instagram-able ambient experience. Many of these are unknown and hidden gems. Some of my favourites include: Duck and Waffle, where by the supersonic ride in the glass elevator to the 40th floor is fun enough, before you’ve even explored the snacks of cheesy polenta croquettas or bacon wrapped dates! Or the iconic OXO Tower Restaurant, where seasonal menus are accompanied by a top-floor sky view overlooking the River Thames.

Visit a Zoo

A zoo is a place developed to bring human beings closer to wildlife. They can be controversial, but they can also be invaluable to enhance our understanding of how animals behave and ultimately survive, teaching the next generation to value nature, protect animals and prevent a species extinction. From childhood, zoos are seen as a super fun day out. From hand feeding a monkey a banana, to watching the penguins show off in their playful way. A date at the zoo gives you an opportunity to have a fun experience, and time to get to know each other whilst you walk around.


I suspect this is something you’ve never considered as a dating option since adolescence however, waterslides can be a joyous activity, as well as keep you fit! Indoor or outdoor dependent on the time of year (or the weather). If it’s summer, a visit to a waterslide park doesn’t necessarily have to be the extreme drop slides. You can connect whilst manoeuvring along the relaxing lazy river, or giggle away bobbing up and down in the wave pool. Even in the winter, there are numerous indoor tubes, that have an accompanying spa to chill out in, once you have navigated the race to the top a few times with your chosen one! So, grab your towel and swimsuit and give it a go.

Before you try any of these activities though, always communicate the idea with your date first so you know they are up for it too and can prepare accordingly. You don’t want to be playing 2 hours of golf if your date has come straight from work and not eaten yet, equally booking the 5-course taster menu with panoramic London views could be seriously impeded if your date is acrophobic. This is also where you have a good opportunity to understand if you are on the same page with your views on how to have fun, creating a strong communication style or perhaps will help you decide on not pursuing the relationship further, if you are not aligned.