Eros (sexual passion) primary love style

Eros, is a Greek term for romantic, sexual, and passionate love, named after the Greek god of love and desire (the equivalent of cupid in Greek mythology).

Eros is an intense form of love, which arouses strong sexual and romantic feelings. In this type of love, partners are physically attracted to each other and develop strong emotions of intimacy. These relationships are based on passion and are often sexual. It’s for this reason, Eros was thought to be a dangerous type of love by the ancient gods, because of how it made people lose control. Eros isn’t typically long lasting, it’s like a flame that burns bright, but may dim over time. It’s a form of physical love that may last between 6 months or a few years. For some, the intense attraction may burn out over time, or for others, it may transform into a deeper or different type of love.

Ludus (playful love)

Ludus, is a Latin term meaning game.

Such lovers, view love as a game. The focus of this type of love is having fun in the moment. Such people may have a non-serious attitude towards love and may simply have a desire to have fun and play games with several partners. For them, love is about enjoying the moment without getting tied down by serious commitments. They are not concerned with the emotions of their partners because they are concerned with fun and enjoyment. Ludus can be characterised by a lack of emotional depth, earning it the label of “immature love”.

Storge (family love)

This is a Greek term that means familial. This type of love is more about psychological feeling rather than physical feeling. It refers to love between family members, siblings or between close friends. This love builds a feeling of safety and support, it indicates strong friendship but almost no passion.

Pragma (practical love)

A Greek word, meaning practical and business-like.

In this type of love, people are attracted towards another because of the characteristics of that person e.g., status or wealth and can see social or economic benefits from that person. This type of love is not driven by emotions or passion, its driven by rational thoughts and urges. It’s a practical form of love, where the lover weighs the pros and cons of the person and decides rationally about how these characteristics are going to benefit them in the long run. It’s a love style that emphasises practicality over fleeting emotions.

Mania (obsessive love)

This type of love is characterised by obsessiveness. In this type of love, an individual may feel he or she needs to their beloved intensely. The need for the other can be so intense, they may show signs of possessiveness and jealousy, often blurring the lines between love and obsession.

Agape (pure love)

A Greek term meaning altruistic love.

This is love in its purest form. In this type of love, an individual loves the other selflessly. The individual wholeheartedly takes care of the partner without expecting anything in return.

Each love style offers a unique lens through which individuals perceive and navigate their relationships. While some styles may promote harmony and fulfilment, others can contribute to conflicts and challenges. By understanding and recognising these love styles, you can gain insight into your own relationship dynamics and cultivate healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

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