11 Unconventionally Cute Date Ideas for Couples and First Dates

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Cute date ideas can be hard to think of from time to time, so the team at Maclynn have made it easy for you! Take a look at our list to become inspired.

Whether you’re someone who prefers keeping things traditional with a coffee, walk or brunch, or you might like to explore something more creative, such as ballroom dance lessons, learning to create your own cocktails or even dining in complete darkness, we have you covered.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of our favourite cute date ideas to enjoy in London and across the UK.

1. Make Marvelous Cocktails at The Midnight Apothecary

Location: London, Rotherhithe

For those that remember London’s infamous Midnight Apothecary, it’s back and accepting bookings in the city. Just in time for those cosy autumnal nights, the Midnight Apothecary takes place in Rotherhithe’s iconic Brunel Museum, where the cocktail garden is built on top of the roof of the grand entrance hall.

Their drinks are constantly evolving and are inspired by the locally grown plants in the gardens. These ingredients help to create a genuinely unique and local cocktail menu. Couple this with firepits and cocktails that use neighbouring plants and ingredients and you’ve got yourself a truly memorable date night.

It remains one of the most iconic and popular pop-up bars in London and was even featured in Vogue’s ‘World’s Best Bar’. Afterwards, you can take a short and delightful walk to the beach, where you’ll also be able to enjoy stunning sunset views over the Thames.

2. Jump Back into Outdoor Walks & Picnics

Location: Anywhere!

Now, while this may seem incredibly familiar as it was one of the only activities we could enjoy while in lockdown, it also opened many of our eyes to the wonders of the landscape around us. Whether you live in a seaside city or you’re more city-centred, lockdown taught us that there are plenty of stunning sites and walk paths to explore in the UK.

Couple this with a cute picnic basket for a romantically memorable outdoor date experience.

3. Experience Glassblowing at Peter Layton

Location: London (mainly)

Definitely one of the more niche and unique date ideas on our list is glassblowing at Peter Layton. The glassblowing sessions are designed to give you a basic understanding of how glassblowing works from experienced and qualified glass artists. In this day session, you will be guided by your tutor to make your own glasswork, manipulating glass in its molten form to create truly stunning and utterly bespoke pieces of art.

At the end of the day, you will be able to take your completed glass art home to take pride of place on your shelf or mantlepiece.

4. Get Your Hands Dirty With Pottery Spinning at The Kiln Rooms

Location: London

The Kiln Rooms have been a firm go-to when it comes to date ideas in London. They offer both beginner/intermediate classes for those who have had some experience pottery spinning, as well as taster classes for those who are complete beginners. Both classes are designed for couples to enjoy but you can also take part in the classes on your own or with a friend.

This is a long-term date idea, with the taster sessions being 5 weeks long (one evening a week) and the beginner/intermediate courses being 12 weeks long (one evening a week).

This is a fantastic hobby to get into and offers you and your date or partner the chance to make something special, together. You can book your classes at The Kiln Rooms.

5. Dance the Night Away With Ballroom Dance Classes

Cute date ideas

Location: London

Definitely one for the traditional romantic, ballroom dance classes are available throughout London for beginners and experts alike. This date idea may be better suited to couples or if you’ve been on a few dates with the person you’re seeing and feel comfortable enough to jump into this fairly intimate experience.

Whether you have a passion for ballroom dancing or simply want to try out a cute new hobby with your partner, City Academy offers a fantastic introduction to ballroom dance. You will learn the basic steps and techniques of both standard Ballroom and Latin Ballroom dance styles. Classes are taught in an energetic, fun and social atmosphere and led by some of the UK’s best ballroom teachers.

So, whether you have a passion for dancing or you simply want to try something new, fun and energetic with your partner or date, ballroom dance classes are a fantastic consideration.

6. Dine in Delicate Delight at Dans Le Noir

Location: London, Farringdon

Dans Le Noir offers a truly unique and definitely cute dating experience in London. As seen in the romantic comedy film “About Time”, this dating experience offers a truly unique and memorable date night.

Dans Le Noir sees you dine in complete darkness, which is supposed to heighten your other senses so you’re able to experience a truly unique meal and date night. There’s also a charm to eating in complete darkness as your whole approach needs to be more delicate, and you could even try and feed each other in the dark, which is bound to be fun.

Your date night is led by blind guides, who will quite literally guide you through your evening. This will include guiding you through the dark to your table and helping you find your way to the dimly lit bar for some more drinks.

Whether this is your first date, your second or you’re visiting with your partner, Dans Le Noir is a truly memorable and special date night for any occasion.

7. Visit the Royal Observatory

Location: GreenwichThe Royal Observatory is a beautiful and iconic place to visit any time of the year. Explore the stunning design and technicalities of the Great Equatorial Telescope and enjoy hopping between the historic Prime Meridian Line of the world. If you’re into your astrology or simply admire the serenity of the stars, you can sit back and experience the wonders of the Peter Harrison Planetarium led by one of the Observatory’s leading astronomers. There are so many unique and exciting aspects of the Observatory to explore, from the Shepherd and world-famous Harrison Clocks to the gracious Flamsteed House; the Royal Observatory offers a truly unique and memorable cute date experience.

Once you have experienced all the Royal Observatory has to offer, you can sit back and relax with a drink on their terrace that boasts stunning views of Canary Wharf, St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and more.

8. Get Cute at Paint a Pic

Location: London, Canonbury

One for the arts and crafts daters, Paint a Pic is an unashamedly cute date idea that simply involves painting your own masterpiece with the help and guidance of their resident artist. What you paint depends on the session you go to, may be an animal, famous landmark or person or something else.

You don’t have to bring anything, as all you need is supplied for you – including the canvas, apron, paint and easel. In the two hours you and your date will spend here, you’ll work on creating your art and of course, leave with it. There is no experience necessary as your guide will take you through each step.

There are also drinks served after the class, so you can stick around to talk about how good (or bad) your painting is!

9. Visit The Sunset Cinema and Watch a Classic Film

Location: London, Acton

This vintage drive-in experience takes influence from classic American drive-ins, because who doesn’t love a cute cliché from time to time? Sunset Cinema screens a variety of great films, from cult classics to feel-good flicks, if you’re looking for that classic American drive-through experience, Sunset Cinema has it all. You don’t have to worry about bringing your own food and drink, as you can buy this at the venue or you can pre-order if you don’t fancy waiting around. The Sunset Cinema is unashamedly cute and makes for a great second or third date.

10. Breeze Through an East London Wine Walk

Location: London, Canonbury

The East London Wine Walk is a cute and quaint little walk that requires a little initiative. The walk is organised by the talented team at The Indytute, who have been running this walk for a while now and are well-versed when it comes to wine tours around East London.

You won’t know where you’re going until the day before and you will have to use your own initiative when it comes to locating the wine bars. There are three wine bars on this walk and it starts at 4pm and the final stop is at 6:30pm – vegetarians are of course welcome.

When in the bars, you will be greeted by the owner or sommelier who will wait on you as well as provide information about each of the wines you will be trying. You will also be invited to try their delicious small plates to ensure you’re able to continue your cute and romantic walk around the remaining wine bars.

To learn more about how to book your East London Wine Walk, take a look at their booking information.

11. An Idyllic Breakfast Picnic Roadtrip

Location: A beach, a scenic castle, by a river, or even a meadow of flowers, you choose!

Everybody loves to know that their partner remembers things about them, so why not try this idea out for size?

Surely, if you’ve been dating for a while, you know their favourite foods and what they like to eat for breakfast. Prepare a small picnic breakfast the night before, and curate a playlist of songs that have sentimental meaning for both of you.

Then, in the morning, make sure to wake up bright and early – you don’t have to spend the time getting ready and made-up, just get your basics on, bring a thermos of coffee and a warm blanket, and drive somewhere you may have seen previously that you’ve always wanted to visit together – a cute village, a grand castle you didn’t know existed, a flower meadow, or even to the beach to watch the sunrise.

Once you’ve finished, you can either continue your road trip well into the day, or simply head home for a movie day, or a day of adventure.


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