A Global Style Expert’s Tips on How to Make the Best First Impression

03 March 2021 | 4 mins

Charlotte Broadbent shares her top tips to help you make the best first impression and increase your chance of finding the perfect match.

You only have one chance at creating the right first impression in online dating. In fact, research suggests that 90% of first impressions last forever, moreover, you only have 7 seconds to cement that positive impression or you may lose the race at the first hurdle.  Never are these stats more vital than in this virtual world of online matchmaking…where you rely purely on your image on a screen to guarantee you a place in the ‘Yes pile.  Did you know that 55% of first impressions are based on what you look like and 38% on your confidence?  If you’re struggling to know what to wear for your profile pictures, wondering how to stand out from the crowd to create a spark, unsure how to dress or pose confidently or undecided on your ‘wow’ colours and most flattering styles, as well as what colours mean, then my top tips will help you solve all those online dating problems and increase your chance of finding a perfect match.

My top 7 steps to maximise the first ‘7 second’ impression:

  1. Be memorable. Choose colours and styles that stand out from the crowd and always use flattering lighting for your photography. Discover your personal wow colours with a colour consultation and flattering styles and shapes with a body-shape consultation.  Your clothes should ideally be neat, ironed (or non-crease) and clean.
  2. Be relevant. Dress in appropriate outfits that reflect your personality, wearing brands that reflect your lifestyle that are up-to date and that fit well. Provide 3-5 outfits, ensuring your head shots and body shots are of similar quality.
  3. Be approachable. Radiate confidence and trust through your imagery and choice of colours and styles. Discover what colours mean, for example, pink is sincere and playful, whereas black can be seen as a barrier. Some research suggests it takes a ‘tenth of second’ for someone to start determining trustworthiness so make it count early on.
  4. Be easy on the eye…do not overwhelm with oversized, baggy or scruffy fashion. Choose tidy, simple, yet effective background environments that suit your lifestyle, staying as authentic as possible. Great grooming is key, your hair is your crowning glory and tops off your outfit, plus don’t forget to get manicure.  Your whole look needs to be pulled together, from hair, right down to shoes.
  5. Keep it Simple. Remember small screens = snap judgements. Don’t polarise opinion too much or be too ‘marmite’. Stick to block colours, clean lines and interesting necklines and shoulder detail. Consider appealing ways of pairing colours such as tonal dressing (different shades of one colour) or wearing colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel (such as purple with green).  Keep accessories to a minimum but wear two (max three) of your favourite pieces such as watch and ring.
  6. Emanate Confidence in your photos. A natural smile with a sparkle in your eyes is very attractive and prompts connection. Direct eye contact to camera secures a trustworthy appearance. Silent signals, such as resting your hands near your face or touching your hair shows a flirty, loving side, suggesting that you are open and receptive.
  7. Perfect your posture. Choosing 3-5 positive poses for your photos will go a long way to showcase you in your best light, such as sitting forward with one hand near your face/hair or standing tall, which demonstrates you are confident and focussed.

Profile photo No No’s: 10 mistakes to avoid:

  1. Baggy clothes, oversized fashion & scruffy, cheap looks.
  2. Stiff, creased, or ill-fitting clothes.
  3. Unapproachable or draining colours such as black and grey.
  4. Garish patterns.
  5. Slogan tops/t-shirts.
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Bad lighting.
  8. Slouching.
  9. Crossed arms.
  10. Pursed lips.

Your profile photo style challenge!

What are your 2 key words to describe yourself? How do you want others to perceive you? Then choose corresponding colours for your outfit choice.

Pink: Loving and playful

Orange: Friendly and fun

Green: Compassionate and balanced

Yellow: Optimistic and joyful

Red: Dynamic and energetic

Blue: Calming and loyal

Purple: Authentic and successful

Black: Protective and mysterious

Grey: Neutral and conformist

White: Efficient and clear

Beige: Reliable and supportive

Discover your own WOW colours and body shape tips to create impact and a positive first impression with Charlotte Broadbent, Global Style Expert. Get in touch: charlotte@charlotteloves.co.uk

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Charlotte Broadbent

Charlotte is an award-winning, global Style Expert, fashion TV Presenter, a certified Lecturer at London College of Style, Impact Coach and Inspirational Speaker. Charlotte is a Chartered Marketer & previously Fashion & Beauty Director at HELLO! Magazine. She developed her own influential personal brand during her 18 years working in high level Directorship roles in Global Blue Chip companies in which she honed her speaking skills & expertise. She currently coaches busy professionals to transform their look & create influential, credible personal brands, giving them the confidence to look their best to perform at their best.

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